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MBWTBB: The 90T Jadoon By Spike Shepard ID# 846030

 I opened a thread in Mecha Galaxy Players and the first sensible request for a mech build was From Matthew Homewood who requested the ‘Jadoon’. Ok, so lets see what I can do with a crystal mech that is a favourite of many a pilot. I’ll take the build at the Jadoon maximum build of…

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Mailbag By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

Down on the Jungle Moon of Rizpah, the unthinkable has happened.The local Government has finally cleared enough jungle to enable the ability of correspondence to show up on the doorstep of The Galaxy Gathering’s doorstep. A governmental Department, now knows where we reside.Blast… On the plus side, the first three letters that the mail mech…

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Gold Leaders – Episode 2 by 1GoML GG ID# 637975

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd episode of Gold Leaders brought to you by GG! I’m your host 1GoML! Tonight’s episode we see the current leader of JC’s Rowdy Bunch, James Christington! James its a pleasure to have you on the show brother. To kick tonight off, tell me a little about your leadership…

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