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The Clan Wars Raid Year 3353 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

The clan raid …. A bone of contention with myself and many pilots. Why? Well the usual points .. 1) Too much crystal rubbish that is easily buyable. I’ve said this before and keep repeating myself. Crystal is now so abundant I’ve built my hanger out of it! Like most pilots I have well over…

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Clan Wars 3353 -Questioning The Competition By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Yesterday George Warren posted the question… ‘Really, REALLY hoping the competition in D2 gets better that this first round, this is ridiculous.’  So, before I make any comment on this we need to explore the basics of the Mecha Galaxy Universe. I’ll do this in points so it’s easy to follow plus it’ll help with…

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A Remembrance By Brian Vaughan ID #56278

There are a few moments in the hard, often short-lived, life of a mecha pilot that brings a sense of accomplishment. If one lives long enough the splendor of those moments can be lost in the day to day adrenaline rushes of combat, victory, and defeat. My first Clan War gold came in 3303 which…

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The Argument For Camping By Daniel Chung ID #323564

First of all, why not? Is it illegal in the game t&c? So far as I know, there has never been any legality issues to camping or any other playing strategy. Different people have different approach to how they play the game. Some are casual players, some plays daily, and some are hardcore fanatics who…

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