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Gold Leaders – Episode 2 by 1GoML GG ID# 637975

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd episode of Gold Leaders brought to you by GG! I’m your host 1GoML! Tonight’s episode we see the current leader of JC’s Rowdy Bunch, James Christington! James its a pleasure to have you on the show brother. To kick tonight off, tell me a little about your leadership…

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Gold Leaders Episode 1 by 1GoML GG ID# 637975

Good Evening and welcome to our first ever episode of Gold Leaders, brought to you by Galaxy Gathering with your host 1GoML! Today we have one of the best mech specialists and also a very strategic mind when it comes to clan building. Please help me welcome James Waddington! 1GoML GG – James, it’s a…

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Some Very Random Thoughts by David McCallum #701548

  Sometimes, it’s late at night, and some things perplex me.   Take this.   In most places in the Mecha Galaxy, it is illegal to drive a ground or air car with even a modicum of alcohol in your system. Woe betide you if you are driving with any trace of drugs.   Now…

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So, What’s Been Happening? by David McCallum #701548

  Well, there’s a war on.   People are shooting other people and there’s fun and shenanigans.   There are more prizes on offer, specifically for those of you who can deliver some big explosions. If you manage to get the biggest hit in your division, you get a free mech!   On the surface…

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New Game Function Announcement by Sébastien Roussel-Konan #961394


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Cyclops Mech Review by David McCallum #701548

  It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.   I’m talking of course about balancing the finances.   Yes, we would all prefer to be leaping astride our mounts and charging into glorious battle, but very soon we realise we are outclassed and we need to purchase and field something heavier.  …

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A Few Musings by David McCallum #701548

  I don’t know, you take some time off to sort out your private affairs and the Galaxy goes mad.   I mean, look at this news.   Hicksy made ‘Legendary Pilot’.   I ask you.   Legendary?   Well definitely around here… his ability to proofread his own work is surpassed only by Patrick’s…

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Formation of a clan: Behemoth by Bryan Beasley #922352

(Edited by Richard Millich #291875) As we gathered in the command center to get ready for Faction Wars 3329, we had just finalized our temporary alliance with Black Star, and their pilots began to unload their war gear and work gangs. The hustle and bustle in the hangar reminded me of the last day of…

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