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The Price of Doing Work by David McCallum #701548

So, our intrepid correspondent Spike has managed to get himself banned from the main Pilots notification board… Again… Now that may come as a relief to some of you, but for me, it simply adds to the headache that I normally have nowadays. You see, it’s like getting called to the principal’s office… again. I’m…

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Clan Wars 3358 – The Raid by Spike Shepard #846030

Another war, another raid. Another pile of trash to sort through. It’s the same old, same old! I’ve been quite vocal about raids. Yeah, I’m vocal about a lot in the game, but the raids get most of my ire! We as pilots spend stupid amounts of energy to get one shot at a mech.…

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Leveling the Battlefield by Spike Shepard #846030

Yes, I know, I went on hiatus! Meh! Are any of you surprised? The Mecha Galaxy is in a complete shambles! What you don’t think so? Well, hear me out….. We’ve had Chaos War! A total abomination which had all the organisation of a 6 year olds birthday party at McDonald’s! Then we had the…

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Endless Wars by David McCallum #701548

Another war looms on the horizon, and to be honest, it seems like we have had no rest since the last 2 and their aftermath have ended. I’ve hardly had time to mull over the respective pros and cons of having 2 wars so close together and their differing formats. I have of course kept…

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Social Distancing by David McCallum #701548

We here at the Galaxy Gathering are a safety conscious organisation. So, in line with current concerns, I’d like to address the issue of ‘social distancing’ with regards to our current Clan Wars. When facing an opponent whom you are unsure of their contact status, I would strongly recommend the use of missiles. Fire and…

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Mix it Up by David McCallum #701548

I tell you what, you turn your back for two seconds and the whole of Mecha Galaxy has collectively poo’ed itself…. it must have, ‘cos let’s face it, you can’t get hold of a loo roll for love nor money at the moment. At least I’m relatively safe, I’ve got a whole pile of Hicksy’s…

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