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About the staff

Patrick Willis

Creator and all around narcissist, Patrick Willis took a concept and ran with it. To this day, he still watches from the shadows, but we've managed to put most of his decision making on ice as it were.

David McCallum

Hailing from a small Island in the Atlantic, David was little more than a wild animal until one day, Pat handed him a typewriter. Now, after an illustrious history as a writer/Rugby Player, David spends his days walking on the beach and plotting his escape.

Kenneth Hicks

Ken is one of the Galaxy's most interesting men on record. He's able to write articles with his mind, keeping his hands open to serve drinks and get involved in knife fights. All other editor's disappeared mysteriously once Ken came on board.

Johnny Ringo

Johnny took over the mantle of Editor in Chief for quite a time after Patrick and David were rounded up, doing a magnificent job to boot. Unfortunately, it was found that he was an Artificial Intelligence and had to be put down before he was hacked.

Joel Parras

 Joel was a contributor from "Down Under" who had a wit about him as well as a swagger. Unfortunately, he got a bit part in a Mad Max movie where they did not tell him how to steer his ultra light and is thought to this day to be riding updrafts across the Outback.

Sgt. Ron Frye

Sgt. Ron Frye was a contributor for a number of years, using cartoons as his medium of choice. During one of his excursions into the Jungles of Vupa 6, he accidentally stepped on some pungi stakes covered in Snavrum feces and has been hospitalized ever since.

Sten Hugo Hiller

Sten is a wonderful writer from the Star League Clan. This isn't as impressive as it sounds for the main reason he's the only member who knows how to write. Sten has been put on probation for turning in articles written in crayon, mud, and some sticky substance we haven't looked into.

Joshua Bourne

Joshua Bourne has been a long-time correspondant who has played both sides of the fence, bot figuratively and metaphorically. Known for his humor in writing, Joshua has spent much time being witty, most times at other peoples expense. He was last seen performing a weird "shuffle run" chase scene, where bikini models, a police officer, and a veterinarian were all trying to catch him.
Current whereabouts, unknown.

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