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The Pike and The Northland Droid by Spike Shepard #846030

So, I finally hit level 142. Yeah, not a Biggie for some pilots but a bit of a landmark for myself as not only was there the upgrade costs…there were also a number of equipment slots that opened up on a number of mechs.

The Charon, Cameron and Revenant all had cockpit slots. My Cyberdons had chassis slots. All up it cost over 500 niodes to level and buy the equipment needed.

Less notably my Pikes gained (5) to their precision finally taking them both to the hallowed (95) precision.

Upon equipping my one Charon with Northland Droids I took my usual review of my mechs in my formation. It’s something I do every level where I review loadouts and look at any newer equipment that had hit the market

An equipment sale was also on, so I plunged another few hundred niodes into Pyro AI’s for my Cameron’s. Yes! Sweet sweet damage! Expensive but well worth it!

Whilst fitting my other Charon I had a thought… It was only 10 or so levels ago I switched my Ice Pike to a projectile loadout. This made sense at the time as it worked and I needed the Niode ice weapons for my second Charon. My pike’s damage hadn’t really changed much as at that time there wasn’t anything around to make my Ice Pike the beast I wanted it to be. My Pikes have 6 cockpit slots at my level and it’s a bit of a mash up of cockpit equipment to get to that magic (95) precision.

But at level 154 my Pike gets another cockpit slot! 7 slots….7 Northland Droids!

Precision (84) + (11) built in = (95)
Ice Damage + 154
1.5x damage 105%
1.6x Damage 70%

Add that to my Pikes multipliers I already have of 1.3x, 2x and 3x and I’ve got a beast of a mech capable of dealing massive Ice Damage plus 5 different types of multipliers!

It’s not going to be a cheap upgrade at level 154! 7 x Northland Droids are going to cost 350+ niodes!

Plus, at that level I have another base slot so I’ll have to afford another mech to fit that slot and all the equipment, etc that it needs! Hell, level 154 is going to be an expensive level! But for my Pike it’s going to be a turning point.

With this sort of damage I did look at my Boreas. Could these cockpits be just as useful?

Well, It’s the same issue, My boreas have 7 Cockpit slots. With the +100% built in ice damage I could take my Boreas damage to +254%!!!! WOW!!! That’s some serious punch! Add in the 1.5 + 1.6 Damage and you’re looking at a serious whack to any mech.

2 Issues though…

1) You lose your crit kill ability
2) You lose your freeze ability

So, rather than a slow death, you’re hoping for one massive hit!

You could always equip Cryonic Fields, Frigid lines or the like though as these all carry 50% freeze. So, with the right weapons there is not a total loss of freeze.

Then again, if your looking to max out multipliers it would be better to equip my Boreas with Amaroks & Mare Ex Frigores to boost 2x & 3x Damage for some massive hits!

Issue 3….it’s going to cost 700+ Niodes to make the change to both of my Boreas!

So, it’s time to make notes on how my Charons fare. If they fare better with the incrased damage and multipliers then maybe it’s time for my Boreas to follow suit!

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