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Clan Wars 3358 – The Raid by Spike Shepard #846030

Another war, another raid. Another pile of trash to sort through. It’s the same old, same old! I’ve been quite vocal about raids. Yeah, I’m vocal about a lot in the game, but the raids get most of my ire!

We as pilots spend stupid amounts of energy to get one shot at a mech. Some clans can’t even get one shot because clans of 16 are allowed but, even after complaints by many pilots like John Mainer, Polly Waffle, etc, etc, we still have clans struggling to get one shot for each pilot. We still have clans struggling with time constraints. We still have crystal trash. Why?

Well, first off raids are notorious for being difficult. We’ve all hit that wall of 10,000 armour mechs with wide fork and crit kill. We’ve boggled at how we need to kill 2000 odd mechs just for one shot! Etc, etc

But, I personally struggle to understand why, when I point something out, I get banned! Where is the ban for everyone else complaining? Now there’s a point for discussion!

Anyhoo, back to my current rant! Sorry, article…..

The Raid….Cash or Trash?

Definitely trash for the most part. The odd bit of treasure with the odd decent weapon picked up but this shot was a double because no one else wanted the slog. They knew the futility and stayed away! Almost 4000 mechs defeated for a handful of useable weapons! I remember when we used to look forward to a good raid! Now pilots start registering themselves as out before the first shot of battle day one is fired!

So, are there any plans to change this? Well, I see none. With us locked down for the foreseeable future the onus looks to be on having another month where 2 wars are fought. One is hinted at being another chaos war, the other could be anything as we are due a squad war and a faction war. When we last had 2 wars in a month we only had one raid. Will this be the end result? It would be pushing some serious time restraints to host 2 wars and 2 raids in such a short time so one raid is likely the outcome.

Additional>> My Editor is a little late in posting this due to RL stuff (Editors note: not true, Spike just does my head in, but at least its better than Patrick’s constant alcohol fueled flatulism and Kenneth’s benign gormlessness…) so the first War is a normal Clan War with minimum 7 pilots but up to 7 specialists! This could be a low scorer for some divisions with specialists not being so much a thing with some pilots.

As usual though you’ll have the arguements for 2 raids. You’ll have the arguements for better prizes considering they cover 2 wars. You’ll have arguements period! But I forsee the same old raid with crystal junk and walls of almost undefeatable mechs. But hey, we’ll find out soon enough!

It would be nice if Nick cut out the crystal though.

Anyhoo, it’s TTFN until next time!

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