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Social Distancing by David McCallum #701548

We here at the Galaxy Gathering are a safety conscious organisation.

So, in line with current concerns, I’d like to address the issue of ‘social distancing’ with regards to our current Clan Wars.

When facing an opponent whom you are unsure of their contact status, I would strongly recommend the use of missiles.

Fire and ice by their very nature are relatively short range weapons, and while laser and projectiles are better they still either require or at a minimum work best with line of sight.

But nothing says ‘stay the hell out of my personal space’ like a decent missile salvo launched from over the horizon…

This has been a Public Service Announcement by the Galaxy Gathering, still the best news agency in the Mecha Galaxy.

However when social distancing becomes an issue, you really do need to fall back on Personal Protective Equipment, which brings me, and quite nicely, to the newest offering in Shield technology that’s available.

Let’s have a swizz at the new Duchess Deflection shield.

Now I normally love a shield, but to be honest when I saw this one, I was less than impressed. Admittedly it was introduced as a prize pack freebie, but it certainly fell short of the Jupiters and Saturns it replaced in them.

However unlike those shields, this one is available on the open market as well, so let’s see what you get for your funds…

59 Niodes, 1200 Ferrite and 999 Bioptics will get you a Shield that will fit on a chassis between 100 and 110 tons. For that princely sum you get, well, a very weird mix.

Fire Shield of 28% which is pretty reasonable.

A static Missile defense of 250 points… not bad.

Erm, hang on, no overall shielding factor… so already this is in the same bracket as a Crystal shield, although in its defence (no pun intended) at least it doesn’t have the weakness that any other shield has.

Ricochet of 5%. Fair enough, any protection is good.

Speed bump of 4. Now that’s the same as a 110 Photon Distributor power plant and actually higher than 3 of the 100 ton power plants, which makes me think that this thing almost wants to be an engine.

5 Med-Bots. Useful (although I can never get the hang of the way these things work… either that or mine are just retarded..) but again, it makes you think that the designers couldn’t decide what they wanted this unit to be.

I still can’t get over the fact that a Niode Shield does not have any overall damage mitigation.

And why is the Missile defence static? I just checked back on my big hit board to see what kind of damage I’m used to dealing and taking. I took the 3rd entry, and removed any overcharge multipliers to see what a weak, flat shot would look like.

7000 that had a X6 multiplier means the flat shot was 1166 damage. If it had been a missile shot, that flat 250 of Missile shielding would have been the equivalent of around a 21 or 22% shielding bonus.

I guess that’s not bad for a secondary Shield stat, and of course its worth variably more if the shot is weaker. Of course its conversely worse if its a stronger shot than that, but even at a 1.5 multiplier, I’d be relying a lot on the other shield components doing their bit to be able to survive more than 2 incoming hits.

I guess I’m just really wary of static shield amounts unless they mitigate all damage types.

So, to my mind this is either a stop gap piece or useful if you have a unit that already has heavy shielding. At my level, that means something like a Potatotron. The Reaper is also a candidate, as are Cavaliers since all have more than 5 Shield slots so I’m not going to be weakening them too much by dropping this in to give them boosts in other areas.

As it was, I had an open Shield slot on a Kami and stuff all funds, so it was stop gap duty for this piece for the time being. Sure, I could have swapped shields around on other units to drop it onto one of my shortlist mechs, but I also wanted to see how it would perform without it being smothered by other shields.

I was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised.

Overall, the line, which is admittedly not my strongest, seemed to hold far better. The Kami itself appeared to appreciate the speed boost and was throwing far more down range than normal, all while repairing 3 of its line mates for 260 points of damage between them before the Kami got taken out.

So am I rushing out to buy any more?

Not at present, even though my funds situation has changed. I want to see how it stacks up in other situations first, then I may consider buying one if a free slot opens up and I can play swapsies. But truth to tell, I’d prefer to stick withe tried and trusted Shield units and use this only as a backup alternative.

I probably will swap this one onto a different mech to see what difference it makes, but that information is classified.

At least with Social Distancing in place, you won’t get too much of a chance to spot where I’ve put them.

If not, I can always fall back on missile batteries to get the message across…

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