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Mecha Galaxy – The Cost of Levelling by Spike Shepard #846030

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The last 6-7 months I did something I don’t usually do .. gain 20 piloting levels. Usually I’m very conscientious about gaining levels due to the Niode cost. Over the years I’ve been an MG pilot I’ve averaged a gain of 1-1.5 levels a month. I know the power levellers will laugh at my 20 levels but for me that’s a bit of a level gain in such a period of time.

What expedited the change in tactics? Well, first off I’d built up around 1000 niodes. Second, I’d taken part in a clan buy in. Third, I’d written a number of articles and knew I had some niodes to come. So, with some 5000 niodes floating around I wanted to see how I would fair gaining levels.

I didn’t just gain levels like there was no tomorrow! No! Every level I calculated the cost of the next level and if I could afford it. If I could then I gained it and then calculated the next level.

The big question, looking back, is what did it cost me? Let’s break down my niode spend for the last 20 piloting levels…

Upgrade cost of 45 niode mechs @ 90 niodes per level in an upgrade sale.

Cost – 1800 niodes!

But that wasn’t it! I also bought a Humbaba & 2 x Reapers.

Cost – 300 niodes!

Outside of general upgrading each level I made the most of the 45% off upgrade sale. I took both of my Humbaba’s from level 1 up to my current level! Plus I took both my Cyberdons up to my current level. At only 28 Niodes for 10 levels it wasn’t cheap!

Cost – 1000 niodes approximately!

Next I had to cover equipping my newly levelled mechs. 20 levels gave me 60-70 equipment slots! Add in the Humbaba’s I’d levelled and I gained over 100 equipment slots to fill!

I spent around 2000 Niodes in the vortex! This gave me some strong equipment and weapons. I won a few mechs but they were stripped of weapons and scrapped to fund more picks.

Cost – 2000 Niodes

This still left 60 something equipment slots to fill though. This could have cost me big but I’d used my head and had hoarded equipment from previous clan wars and vortex picks. I had also saved equipment that I had removed from other mechs that had been replaced with vortex equipment.This left me 30 slots to find equipment for.

Cost- 1500 Niodes

But that wasn’t it! I had gained 6 – 7 weapon slots per mech! I’d also power levelled 4 mechs bringing in another 200+ weapon slots. Overall I had gained 400 odd weapon slots!

I once said I wouldn’t buy weapons but I had to break my own rules here. I did buy some weapons! Plus I bought certain mechs in sale, stripped them of their weapons and sold the mechs back….what? You don’t do this? Next sale buy a Regis, strip the 4 twin grazers, sell the Regis. Hey presto! 4 great niode weapons for 50 niodes! The apaotron is another great mech for this trick! At higher levels the Cyberdon is another solid mech for this too.

Cost – 2000 Niodes!

So, adding up the total cost of 20 levels I come to the eye watering amount of almost 9000 niodes!

So what are my plans now? Sadly my power levelling has had to stop! I only have about 400 niodes! At level 141 I’ll gain another 30+ weapon slots! At level 142 there’s quite a few equipment slots that open up! I can’t afford it at present!
Yes there’s crystal stuff but why power level only to fill weapon and equipment slots with crystal trash? So, it’s back to controlled levelling for now.

But, before I leave you with a TTFN and a stay tuned to Galaxy Gathering I just want to leave you with one short note…

Controlled levelling is not camping!

Camping – gaining as little experience as possible to stay as low a level as possible no matter how much you have in resources. This is done so the pilot has no other competition at said level winning niodes and medals with ease.

Controlled levelling – levelling up to the next level when you have the resources available to do so. This is done so you are not underpowered for your level.

Power Levelling – Gaining levels like there is no tomorrow! Experience is your friend! You may be all crystal but at level 500 you expect your mech with 200+ weapons to crush your opponent who only carries a third of your weapons total at best! Unless you’re a coiner! If I could afford it I’d do it! But, as shown I’d be needing 9000 odd niodes for every 20 or so levels… it ain’t!

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