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Leveling the Battlefield by Spike Shepard #846030

Yes, I know, I went on hiatus! Meh! Are any of you surprised? The Mecha Galaxy is in a complete shambles! What you don’t think so? Well, hear me out…..

We’ve had Chaos War! A total abomination which had all the organisation of a 6 year olds birthday party at McDonald’s! Then we had the war the punish those who contribute to the Mecha Galaxy. The ‘FU for contributing’ wars had the odd upset but only proved what we told Nick all along …. Level means nothing! But in doing this Nick pissed off the wrong people! He went after his supporters! He went after the very pilots who hand over cash to keep the Mecha Galaxy ticking!

But why would Nick do this?

Well, first we need to examine other recent changes in the Mecha Galaxy….

(1) More mechs in the wave challenges.

(2) Higher percentage chances on rare vortex items plus weapons given in the vortex are now up to 80+ levels higher than you can buy

(3) Heralds for Clan Wars

(4) New niode equipment which is actually better than some of the vortex stuff

(5) A circuit every single day! Sometimes 2 or more will pop up. Plus circuit medals now give niodes too

(6) More weapons given for medals in KOTM’s

I could continue but if you can’t see the picture clear as day then there’s little hope for you. But, just for those pilots still struggling…..

Nick is ‘Levelling the Battlefield’

No, his new Bunny mech hasn’t let loose a missile salvo! No! Nick is blurring the lines between contributors and freeloaders.

Some of you have forgotten how a few years back Nick cut down medals in the KOTM’S. There were more than 15 medal winners per division back then. You got Silver if you were in the top 10! Bronzes could be won up to 20th position!

Nick streamlined this game for the pay to play guys n gals! If you couldn’t afford it but wanted to keep up with these pilots them you wrote articles and did things that paid niodes.

Now though you can get niodes for just breathing! …No, not yet! But you catch my drift!

Those perks and advantages you paid to have are now slowly being rendered worthless!

Now there’s 2 sides to this…..

(1) The free players will eventually get more on par with the contributors. Which will delight these free players who will take every niode they can get their hands on.

You see, every mech only has so many equipment slots. Every mech has a maximum development level where, past it you’re only adding armour. So, eventually everyone will plateau and there will be little between pilots except levels and a few armour points.

(2) In doing this Nick has turned on the very pilots who keep MG running! Why spend when everything is now available for free? Yes, spending will give you a quick hit of niodes but at the current exchange rates your $25 spend can be achieved by a free player with time on their hands in under a month or quicker!

240 niodes for $25! With 8 niodes for gold, 4 for silver and 2 for bronze in circuits and a circuit everyday you can win 240 niodes with a gold every day. Add in the niodes for entering, winning 2/8/22 battles.

Wave challenges have got more generous too! You now get 15 niodes for Gold! 5 Niodes for placing 2nd-5th. With more mechs comes more niodes and niode weapons.

These 2 alone can give you 500+ niodes in a month!

So, with the battlefield levelling what is Nick going to do for his long time contributors? Their cash has kept the Mecha Galaxy running! Without them there wouldn’t be a game!

Is Nick going to refund these niodes in good faith as a thank you? Is he going to reward them with something special, something that is a one off? Is Nick going to award them a huge ‘Thank You?’. .

The answer so far is … NO! It’s just like the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy! So far it’s a ‘So long and thanks for all the fish!’ Scenario. With many contributors feeling cheated, vowing to never spend again! Meanwhile, the freeloaders are laughing all the way to the bank.

Only time will tell here. Will the Mecha Galaxy collapse without it’s contributors? If it does then the freeloaders won’t bat an eyelid. With no investment they move onto the next galaxy that they can play for free in. It’s only those who have contributed who will be left feeling the loss.

A penny for your thoughts…..

Hell, you all stand on your front door, hang out of your window and clap those who keep the country running! Where’s the thank you clap for those who keep the Mecha Galaxy running…..?

That’s all. Now, before you go and fill your grubby little hands with more free niodes remember to read this and other stuff in the one, the only Galaxy Gathering!

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