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Mix it Up by David McCallum #701548

I tell you what, you turn your back for two seconds and the whole of Mecha Galaxy has collectively poo’ed itself…. it must have, ‘cos let’s face it, you can’t get hold of a loo roll for love nor money at the moment.

At least I’m relatively safe, I’ve got a whole pile of Hicksy’s articles here that he printed out; knew they’d be useful one of these days.

Seriously though, I have been away dealing with other matters, even to the point that I had to withdraw from the last war, and even when I got back to barracks and messaged the boss that I was ready to take the line again, I wasn’t really paying that much attention.

So a war cropped up, the rules of engagement had changed, and the protests started.

Now I have a caveat here before I start (and I wouldn’t normally do this)… If I offend anyone with the following article I apologise in advance. The past month has really been horrendous and I’m of a mood where I’m wavering between ‘itching for a slanging match’ and ‘not giving a monkeys buttock’…

Ok, so divisional placing were going to be weighted by participants track records in previous wars. A lot of people have been asking for it for a while, and we are getting used to some of these suggestions finally being put into practice.

A lot of people are behind it because they have been asking for it for so long, then of course there is the vocal minority, seemingly of richer pilot clientelle (not sure on that, I was too busy to delve too deeply into that fact) complaining that their ‘payed for’ dominant position had been dry humped by a small Yorkshire Terrier.

Maybe that’s why all the loo roll is missing; it’s being used to dry their tears because they ran out of tissues.

‘My own opinion?’, I hear you ask…

Actually, I’m pretty neutral about it.

Part because I’ve got bigger problems on my plate than a rule change, part because I’m neither a big spender or a free player (minor amount of outlay coupled with articles make up my own niode wealth) and part because I can’t see it effecting my position.

Let’s face it, on the surface of it only perpetual gold winners would move up and wood winners would move down, effectively swapping places. Therefore clans like mine that have had a run of silver or bronze are staying exactly where they are division wise.

Sure, a clan that has engineered it’s level to constantly dominate a particular division may find themselves at the bottom end of somewhere harder and potentially facing a bronze or silver only may be a bit hacked off.

But lets face it, if they have the depth of roster to be able to engineer their level, they can do so to drop themselves back down again. Maybe not with the lineup they are used to, but likely enough to get themselves at least into the gold medal fight.

On the other hand, wood clans who have dropped a division now probably having a distinct level advantage over their opponents.

These are going to be by far the more interesting fights.

Sure, people hunt way above their level for fun and frolics. Not everyone does.

Speaking from my own experience, when faced with somebody quite a few levels higher than me, the first thing I do is pause. They have an advantage, not only in levels (skills etc) but more than likely in mechs in their formation and weapons on their mechs.

So before I call an attack, I really need to be sure I have superiority in other ways. If I don’t, I just gave them 1 win towards their medal.

And of course because they aren’t a regular opponent, any history I have with them is likely a good time out of date and almost worthless. So you are relying on video replays and comparative attacks made by heavier clan mates.

Then there are the specialists. If they have been sensible, a wooden clan with it’s level bonus will have fielded the type of specialist that gets the biggest boost from it; the low weight class ones like Red Ants or maybe 20s, 25s or 30s.

Doesn’t matter how rich you are, try taking on a Red Ant squad with a 50 level advantage on you and you will get squashed. Ergo, you aren’t getting what would potentially be easy wins off their unlimited formation.

So maybe that’s where the problem lies for those who are protesting. Suddenly being faced with the certainty that a canny wooden clan (and believe me, those guys are some of the hardest working out there..) will be denying attacks and then add the uncertainty of being able to get off them all that you can.

It’s called fog of war.

We are all in the same boat, so deal with it.

And give back some of that loo roll while you are at it…

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how rich you are.

Take Rome, one of the richest empires in our history.

I don’t recall any famous quotes attributed to Caeser complaining that he didn’t want to fight these particular barbarians, they aren’t like the last barbarians and besides, these new barbarians are painted blue and are waving their wedding tackle at me….

Or Napoleon… Non, Non, I cannot fight on zees battle field, it is not like ze last battle field, zose hills to ze West are four hundred metres too close and zat river iz ze wrong shade of bleu, it will clash avec our uniforms…

To be honest (and I’m allowed to be because chances are there will be too little time to enact any of this by the time it goes to press…), if anyone really wanted to adjust their level downwards, now would be the ideal time to try to convince some old pilots back into the saddle.

Old has-beens like Patrick Willis for example. He has no track record from the past 10 wars, therefore would have no bonus, and I seem to recall he was decidedly average in the cockpit once you sobered him up slightly.

Actually, truth to tell I would have loved it if the Inferno Ace John Thorson had come out of retirement. Maybe it’s just the fact I’m in the mood for a barny, but I would have loved another crack at his 70s now my Spitfires are on line.

Ah well.

Anyway, time for me to sign off…

Oh, and before I forget, if anyone wnats to write anything and get paid for it, you know who to get in touch with.

The light is on.

Under New Management.

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