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MBWTBB – The Vortex By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So, I’ve finally made piloting level 137!
For the last few weeks I’ve been sitting on a few niodes!
Now, I say a few but with my pay for writing articles for Galaxy Gathering plus my lottery win today, these few are now at around 1500 Niodes.

Usually I’d have taken a shot or three at the Vortex, but I am once again faced with the usual array of stuff I just don’t need and too high of a chance of getting a weapon…
let me show you…
First off…weapons. Yeah, we all need weapons and it’s great that we can win weapons that are not yet available at our piloting level but do you really want to pay extra for them?
A single vortex buy is 60 Niodes!
A triple vortex buy makes each buy 55 niodes!

In weapon sales I’ve seen these very weapons available at a cost of 137 niodes for 5!
So looking at my vortex choices I have a 52% chance of bagging a weapon! Hmmmm, not something that makes me want to spend! Only a few weeks ago the vortex had less than 40% chance of a weapon!
Plus it had figgy pudding and other Xmas only equipment and weapons!

But what else is there in the vortex?
As always, there’s mechs! At my level I can get the Xango, Kami, Cyberdon and Justicar.
I have a 3% chance of each so that’s 12% chance of a mech!
It’s a little low though…a few weeks ago there was a 17% chance of a mech.
I am looking for a second Justicar but a 3% chance is just too low to tempt me! Last but not least we come to what everyone enters the vortex for…vortex only equipment!

It’s good to see Nick has taken away the buyable equipment. Plus there’s some good stuff in the vortex like spikes, vortex engine and occulus drift. All of which I have spread around several mechs!
In total there is a 34% chance of getting vortex only equipment which is decent but is spending 165 niodes for that 1 in 3 chance worth it?
Not for me!
I need equipment for my 105 and 110 Ton mechs!
I have 2 Cyberdons ready to go at level 138!
2 extra slots at level 144!
Plus I have 2 Spectres, 2 Xangos and a Justicar all leveling nicely!
I just need the equipment for them! Only the Vortex Engine, Unspeakable Eye and Holo Table cover the 105-110 Ton range. So, that’s only gives me an 11% chance of getting something I really really want!

So, is it worth spending 165 Niodes?
No…No it’s not!
Yes, everything else is usable.
I could easily equip it by replacing niode equipment.
But, in the long term, the one in three chance plus the fact I don’t need it just forces home the fact that I’ll save my niodes for now!

That’s the point of this article.
It’s about managing your niodes effectively!

There’s always temptation to spend those hard earned niodes.
Just remember to ask yourself if you really need it and is it worth the cost! If you so much as hesitate then put your wallet away.
We all wait for equipment, weapon and mech sales before we spend so we get more bang for our niodes!
You have to treat the vortex in the same way!
Wait for the best chance when the vortex is loaded with what you really need!

Anyhoo, it’s time to say TTFN until my next article only in the Galaxy Gathering!

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