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MBWTBB – How to Build a Mech Part 1 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Usually I’m bending your ears with a good old rant but I’m better known for building mechs that kick ass!
You’ve all seen my builds and it’s great that some of you have had a go!

Usually I’ll get asked for the best build for a certain mech.
Otherwise I’ll get asked what the best weapons or vortex equipment is to add in.
Never have I ever been asked …
‘How do you build a mech?’

That’s the big question that I’m going to answer in this article!
You see, the common mistake is to just start throwing equipment on your mech and keep your fingers crossed that the equipment stays useful and gives the best build.
Don’t worry,
I did this initially!
It’s a noob mistake!

You buy something because it looks good and 10 levels later you realize it’s not the equipment piece you needed for the build you now have in mind!

So, how do I build now? Well, first you have to take the mech you want to build and take it’s statistics from it’s maximum build level.
Maximum build level?
That’s the level when the mech your doing the build for gains it’s final built in equipment slot or bonus.

Let’s take Everyone’s favourite mech… The Boreas for this build example.
At level 128 the Boreas gets it’s final built in slot… A Cockpit Slot.
This for me is the Boreas’s maximum build level.
At level 128 the Boreas has no more equipment slots, no more bonuses, nothing more!
These are the bonuses and equipment slots you take to your build!

At level 128 the Boreas will have…
7 Cockpit Slots
7 Chassis Slots
6 Engine Slots
5 Shield Slots.

Bonuses before equipment:
Wide Fork 4%
3X Damage
18% Slow
(20) Precision
(51) Ice Damage + 100%
Speed + 24
Laser Shield 40%
Splash Shield 25%
Trample Shield 50%

As you can see, the data above gives you everything you need to work with. 7 Cockpit Slots and Precision (51) means you can choose lower precision cockpits with bigger bonuses elsewhere.
7 Chassis Slots but no built in dodge means you need to look at high dodge chassis equipment 6 Engine Slots and a start speed of zero means you need some fast engine equipment to make your mech fast.
5 Shield Slots but you have shielding against Laser, Splash & Trample.
This means that your 5 shield slots need to cover … Fork, Wide Fork, Missile, Projectile, Ice & Fire!

If you build as you go you make the mistake of buying a laser shield or a high precision cockpit which are not needed.
Ok, I hear you! Yeah, your mech will be a little ‘under powered’ in it’s early stages!
Do you have niodes to waste on equipment you don’t need?
Also, you’re eventually going to gain levels!
So why not build with leveling in mind!

Anyhoo, for now, that’s part one. Stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering for part 2 where I’ll show and discuss the best equipment for you Boreas. TTFN!

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