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MBWTBB: Advances in Mech Technology Volume 3 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Last but not least i’m going to take a look at what you can do to keep your mechs at the top of their game. If you think it’s all about spending niodes and a quick dip into the vortex then you have no right to complain when you lose. I’m sick of pilots who spend a few niodes then whine when they still get beaten! Buying better gear does not mean your mech is going to be better! You need a plan! You need a build! Do you want damage & damage multipliers? Do you want crit kill?

What do you want from your mech?

I’ve done builds for a number of mechs on Galaxy Gathering. ee others have also had a go like my Galaxy Gathering boss, Kenneth Hicks. We both did Orester builds and both came up with different builds. I’m not expecting everyone to do the same build, I’m just expecting a planof sorts of what you want from your mech. So here I’m going to open up and show you one of my mechs and what I’ve done. Not a build, NO! What my mech is actually equipped with to give you an idea of what I do with my mechs and how I integrate buyable niode equipment and vortex equipment.

 I give you …the Notos (Niode Level 132)

7 x Cockpit Slots (precision 8 & 1 x Cockpit Slot still to come) 

2 x Ghost Focus, 1 x Elite Rangefinder, 1 x Mente Interface, 1 x Enhanced Dexterity, 2 x Tech Support

6 x Chassis Slots ( 1 x Chassis Slot still to come)

1 x Iridium Hands, 3 x Melee Fists, 1 x Caspian Legs, 1 x Soldierbot Hive

5 x Engine Slots (1 x Engine Slot still to come)

4 x Quantum Pulse, 1 x Figgy Pudding

4 x Shield Slots ( 1 x Shield Slot still to come)

1 x Akani Epsilon, 1 x Aegis Field, 1 x Glacies Epsilon, 1 x Tower Shield

As you can see there’s 22 Equipment Slots with 3 more still to come! Out of those 22 slots only 7 are Vortex. But they add the edge needed to take my Notos to the next level.

So, what stats do I get with these added in?

Fire Damage + 122%

Laser Damage + 5%

Missile Damage + 24%

Proj. Damage + 9%

Speed + 75

Splash 30%

Med-Bot (2)

Trample 4%

1.3X Damage 24%

3X Damage 60%

2X Damage 68%

Crit-Kill 3%

Freeze 4%

Precision (95)

Dodge (82)

Auto Repair (8)

Shield (184)

Trample Shield 61%

Fork Shield 80%

Splash Shield 58%

Wide Fork Shield 69%

Laser Shield 41%

Fire Shield 23%

Proj. Shield 11%

Missile Shield 40%

Fire Shield (25)

Missile Shield (24)

Ice Shield 29%

 I’ve built my Notos to deliver massive damage. 2x, 3x & 1.3x Damage are all prevalent. This will be improved at level 148 as the precision boost of (8) will allow me to remove the Mente Interface & Enhanced Dexterity replacing them with 2x Elite Rangefinders. At level 178 I’ll be putting in another Elite Rangefinder. These will take my 2x to over 80% & 3x Damage to over 70%. The only change here will be if I get another Ghost Focus as these beauties will push both my 2x & 3x damage to over 100% as well as adding a little to my dodge!

 As for the chassis… the final slot will house a Melee Fist for a sweet damage boost to 2x & 1.3x Damage.

That final engine slot, yeah, another Quantum Pulse! Speed, 2x & 3x Damage + fire damage! sweet!

And that final shield slot? Well, that’s going to be taken with a WARP BUFFER which will add another shield (120) and Crit Shield (3.33)

 Add in the in built bonuses still to come and I’ll have around a 95% chance of 2x Damage, an 80%+ chance of 3x Damage, a 32% Chance of 1.3x Damage coupled with a precision over of over (110). Defensively my Dodge will be (94) and my shielding will be (304) with some solid percentage shielding against all types of primary and secondary damage… even Crit Kill!

 What do I equip this beast with? Well currently my Notos is 75% equipped with Okhas spreading the joy of fire! The rest are currently filled with Evil Eyes & Hellbats. My plan is to make this mech 100% Okhas! Why not, with every shot having a 20% chance of fork & wide fork I’ll be taking out lines of mechs with just one shot!

 This is just one of many mechs I have that with the right build, a build then enhanced with the right vortex equipment, is deadly. But as you can see there’s still tweaks to be made as each level is hit. Which is my other point, a point constantly mentioned by myself and other pilots. You don’t just build a mech and leave it! You tweak every level then tweak it again! When you get the right weapons or equipment you tweak it again! You have to stay on top of your builds if you want to succeed as a pilot.

 This is just one mech of many that I’ve blended Vortex and buyable Niode equipment on. But the big thing you can see here… no crystal equipment, no crystal weapons! They’re trash that fill a space until you can afford or win better, and that is my big point… if it’s crystal…it’s trash!

 Anyhoo, that’s it for my article. Hopefully you’ll take some of this on board and improve your mechs accordingly. But for now it’s TTFN until my next article only in the Galaxy Gathering!

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