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MBWTBB: Advances in Mech Technology Vol. 2 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Please read part one if you haven’t, you’ll find it on Galaxy Gathering! If you have, lets continue…

 In part one I explained why crystal mechs are trash! I always say it but I decided it was time to point it out to you all! With that out of the way it’s time to explore how, as new Niode Mechs become available, the older lighter Niode Mechs fall by the way side.

 What! I hear you say, niode mechs falling by the wayside? Well, yes, it’s the natural course. Every mech has a lifespan and past that, except for set KOTM’s and specialist formations, it’s of no use what-so-ever! Let me explain…

 Here i’m going to start with the Onyx, a very under-rated 85 Ton mech. You think 85 tonners and you think Dreadnought and Torrent! No-one ever thinks ‘ONYX!’.

 Lets compare the 3 mechs a little…

Dreadnought – Starting Weapon slots 10, +1 slot every 4 levels.

Torrent – Starting Weapon slots 11, +1 slot every 4 levels.

Onyx – Starting Weapon slots 12, +1 slot every 4 levels.

The Dreadnought and Torrent are both maxed on built in level bonuses by level 110. The Onyx on the other hand is still picking up bonuses all the way up to level 197.

 But that is not what sets it apart from the other 2…NO! The Onyx has Crit Kill, Wide Fork, Freeze, 3 x Damage, 1.5 x Damage all built in!

 It’s just a great 85 Ton mech! BUT, it’s made redundant before it can get anywhere near it’s prime level of 197!

 As pilot’s level up, the mechs they have in their formations don’t! Certain mechs are great for certain piloting levels but past that they are ill equipped to deal with the Advancing Technology!

 Lets look at a few niode mechs, incrasing ton by ton.

Onyx (85 Tons) – 13 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 4 levels

Regis (90 Tons) – 13 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 4 levels

Boreas (95 Tons) – 10 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 3 levels

Fext (100 Tons) – 11 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 3 levels

Revenant (105 Tons) – 13 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 3 levels

Cyberdon (110 Tons) – 14 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 3 levels

Penner (110 Tons) – 12 Starting Weapon Slots, +1 slot every 2.5 levels

 Here you can see a pattern emerging! The moment you get those 95 Tonners into your formation it’s only a matter of time before every mech 90 Tons or less is obsolete!

At my level of 133, the Onyx has 45 Weapon Slots, Regis 46 Weapon Slots, Boreas 54 Weapon Slots, Fext 55 weapon slots. You see where it’s going. Bigger Niode mechs get weapon slots quicker. At my level there’s a gap forming. Give me another 100 levels and that gap is 20+ more weapon slots that the mechs of 95 tons and over will have on those Niode mechs only 5-10 tons lighter!

 Then you have the Penner! It’s 110 tons, but if this is the forward advancement, then it’s only time before 115 tonners gain weapon slots every 2 levels. Will 130 tonners eventually grace our formations with a weapon slot every every level? Will 150 tonners follow behind with 2 weapon slots every level? At what point are the current 110 ton beasts like the Cyberdon doomed to gather dust in a dark forgotten corner of your hanger?

 It’s food for thought! It’s the reason you don’t see me power levelling to reach the top! Will I get to the top only to find that by the time I hit level 500 my current mechs are obsolete?

 Yes, there is the vortex. Vortex can be a savour but also a sinner. There’s no guarantee you’ll get that Figgy Pudding engine you desperately want! You’ll probably end up with that awful fruitcake armour…or a weapon! Yes the vortex can give your Niode mech the edge it needs to stay on point! But then you have to also understand that as the bigger mechs come in the vortex will also cater for the 130 Tonners, the 150 Tonners. Any advantage it once gave to your 95 ton Boreas will be long gone!

 For now though i’ll leave you with these thoughts. It’s TTFN and the usual request to stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering for part 3 of my article.

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