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MBWTBB: Advances in Mech Technology Vol. 1 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Every few days I hear a pilot complain that they were beaten by a lower level pilot. It’s commonplace and this usually results in a big furore where everyone puts in their 10 cents. Coiners get blamed (but we’re the ones keeping the game alive!) Overpowered campers get a lot of anger but once again they simply should be beating players 100 plus levels higher.

 So, where can the answer be found for such results?

 It’s quite simple when you break down the Mechs and their technology. It’s not the level of the pilot, it’s the mech, equipment, weapons! But more than this it’s the tonnage and level of the mech!

Let me explain…

For this i’m going to have to use various mechs of various tonnage to show you why bigger is not better! Why Niode is better than crystal? Basically how the Mecha Galaxy runs.

 We’ll start with the Regis. A top line niode mech that every pilot over level 79 (and some lower level pilots) have in their line up. We’ll compare it firstly to a similar level 90 ton crystal mech.

The basics we need to look at here are….

Regis (90 Tons Niode)

4 levels per weapon slot

13 starting weapons

Magnus (90 Tons Crystal)

6 levels per weapon slot

12 starting weapons

 Immediately you can see the Regis has more starting weapons and will gain weapon slots quicker than the Magnus. I’ll use my current level of 132 to show the difference.

Both Mechs at level 132….

Regis – 46 Weapon Slots

Magnus – 34 Weapon Slots

So straight away the Regis has 12 more weapons to fire per round. Then look at the equipment slots..


Cockpit – 6, Chassis – 6, Engine – 6, Shield – 4 ( +1 Cockpit slot at level 154)


Cockpit – 6, Chassis – 3, Engine 5, Shield – 7 (levels complete at level 105)

Yes! The Magnus has more shield slots but it’s going to need them. 3 chassis slots means low dodge, 1 less engine slot means that the Regis is going to be faster. When the Regis hits level 154 it’s going to have a massive precision advantage over the Magnus too.

Add in the built in bonuses and the Regis has double these over the Magnus.

 The basics of these stats is that the Regis is going to hit first, hit harder, and hit more often. In a straight shoot out one on one, the Regis is going to win everytime!

 So, lets take our Regis up a level and compare it to another crystal 95 Tonner!

Yallan (95 Tons Crystal)

6 levels per weapon slot

12 starting weapons

Cockpit – 6, Chassis – 4, Engine 5, Shield – 7 (levels complete at level 120)

It’s the same as above. The only difference is that the Yallan has an extra chassis slot over the Magnus. So, you’re going to get the same result, a Regis Win.

Lets take this up another notch to a level 100 crystal mech…

Typhoon (100 Tons Crystal)

5 levels per weapon slot

10 starting weapons

Cockpit – 6, Chassis – 7, Engine 3, Shield – 6 (+1 Chassis slot at level 160)

 I picked the Typhoon because I see a lot of these in higher level formations.

It still only has 36 Weapon slots at my level of 132 meaning the Regis still has 10 more weapon slots. Take into account that the Typhoon only has 3 engine slots (half that of the Regis) and you already know that the Regis is going to hit first! Hopefully those Chassis Slots and 6 shield slots will keep your Typhoon in the battle but here your still looking at the outcome of a Regis victory.

 So, if a 100 Ton crystal mech is still no match for a 90 Ton Niode mech then what is? Lets keep exploring and move onto a 105 Ton crystal mech…

Tower (105 Tons Crystal)

5 levels per weapon slot

11 starting weapons

Cockpit – 3, Chassis – 3, Engine 5, Shield – 3 (more slots to come, levels complete at level 218)

Still only 37 weapon slots. The Regis has 9 more weapons at level 132. Plus at level 132 the equipment lots are few and far between.

Fully levelled to level 218 you’ll have…

Cockpit – 6, Chassis – 5, Engine 5, Shield – 7

 Which is getting nearer to the Regis equipment slots but it’s not quite there! Plus by level 218 the 86 levels gained (from level 132) will give the Regis another 4 total weapon slots, giving the Regis a grand total of 13 more weapon slots!

 So, even a 105 Tonner, maxed out to level 218 is going to be slower, less accurate, and have 13 less weapon slots that the 90 Ton Niode Regis.

 Is this sinking in yet? I keep telling you Niode is better than crystal. When a 90 Ton niode mech can best a 105 Ton crystal mech then you can see why you can be 100 levels higher than me an still get beaten!

 Even looking at 110 ton Crystal mechs..

Surt (110 Tons Crystal)

5 levels per weapon slot

13 starting weapons

Cockpit – 4, Chassis – 3, Engine 4, Shield – 2 (more slots to come, levels complete at level 307)

At level 132 it has 39 weapon slots. That’s still 6 less than the Regis. etc,etc,etc Look, it’s simple even a 110 Ton Crstal mech can’t match a 90 Ton Niode Mech. If you have crystal, then your losing!

 Plus, I’m only looking at a 90 Ton Niode Mech. Let’s Bring in my 100 Ton Fext!

3 levels per weapon slot

11 starting weapons

at level 132 it has a massive 55 weapon slots! FIFTY FIVE!!!!! The Surt, toasted in the first hit, if not, then the second shot will leave it a smoking pile of scrap metal!

 Cockpit – 7, Chassis – 6, Engine 7, Shield – 4 (+1 Shield slot at level 151)

So, damn! the fext is stupid fast, carries a stupid ammount of weapons, massive precision, etc,etc.

 This is why you’re losing, It doesn’t matter that you’re 100+ piloting levels higher! You can be my level of 132 (now 133) Running lower tonnage niode mechs and still be handing out a serious beating! Bigger and Heavier are not better! Niode is better than Crystal. These bug 110 Ton crstal mechs look real pretty but they are nothing more than an ornament!

 For now I’ll leave you off, but make sure you stick with me at The Galaxy Gathering for part 2! TTFN!

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