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Mecha Galaxy – The State of Play By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Well, with Chaos Wars over it’s back to the daily grind of finding something to occupy my time until the next war.
You see, I did camp a bit at one point for about a year while I sorted out my long term plan.
I personally don’t like camping but it was a needs must at the time.
These days though I am into controlled leveling (leveling when I have the resources to afford my next level) but I do love a good KOTM, Wave Challenge or Circuit Fight to occupy my time.

This is, I find myself in the usual situation of finding nothing out there that is worth my time or effort because the chances of winning anything are slim to none and slim has left the building!
Let me explain…
I’m level 136.
So I need something around my level (ish) to get my teeth into! But…what is out there that I can participate in?

1) Wave Challenge – A favourite of mine but my issue here is that to participate in Division 3 you have to be a max level of 124! Bur, for the next Division up the maximum piloting level is 229!
With only 5 spots available for prizes it’s a waste of time.
I may be tough for my level but I’m simply outgunned and out leveled for this!

2) KOTM’s – The current KOTM is a chrono!
I don’t mind chrono’s at all but I royally screwed myself here because I won my last KOTM (KOTM Gold no. 44) and this moved me up to division 4!
Here the piloting licence required is 188-249!
So, I’ll be lucky to hang onto a Bronze here.
My chances here are way worse than the aforementioned Wave Challenge! The other issue with KOTM’S is that if it’s not a chrono you can pretty much turn up 5 minutes before the end time and turn the whole division on it’s head! Which pretty much question as to why some KOTM’S last for 3 days which are non chrono! Then some chrono’s have only run for a few hours

3) Circuit Battles – There are currently 2 circuits running.
The issue here is that one circuit has division 2 pilots ranging from levels 124-220.
The other division 2 is levels 88-185. So, I’ve no chance in the first one and a slim chance in the second of maybe squeaking into the top 5.
But with only 2 niodes and a crystal weapon I have no use for it’s not worth the effort either.
I know I can battle and gain useless XP but that’s not me. I don’t gain useless XP. I’m controlling my leveling!

So, I’m really left with nothing to do except log in and use my free upgrade for the next X amount of days.
So, before I get a ‘here’s some cheese to go with your whine!’ comment ( Then again I love a nice Double Gloucester).
This post is more to pointing out the facts that certain pilots of certain levels just lay dormant for days at a time because there’s nothing to get your teeth into!
So, what’s the answer?
Maybe an extra division or two in wave challenges?
Maybe a circuit everyday or more divisions in circuits?

There lots of maybes out there and I believe that some are needed to not only keep pilots but to also attract new pilots to the Mecha Galaxy!
Anyhoo it’s TTFN and fingers crossed for a few more changes!

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