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MBWTBB – Vortex Christmas Specials – Christmas Weapons By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With Holiday Cheer in full flow the Vortex is giving pilots that one in a year chance to pick up some sweet Christmas only gear!

 So far there’s been good and bad! Fruitcake Armour with 70% Fire Vulnerability & Egg Nog which is weak for a vortex item as you can buy better. The Figgy Pudding raised my Christmas Spirits and the Santaspex brought back some good old memories.

 So what is the next offering from Santa’s sack? (Behave you pilots with dirty minds! I can still hear you giggling!) Well it’s another old favourite the ‘Tinsel EMP’

Tinsel EMP (ICE)

Crit-Kill 10%
Freeze 55%
Speed – 111
Damage – 111

 Christmas only weapons? Yes, get them while they’re available!

 Now, I have a few of these from years previous. A sweet little Ice weapon. The damage is a little low compared to other weapons my level but that sweet speed of 111 means it’s on a par with a handful of elite weapons. Add in the Crit Kill & freeze and you have a weapon more than capable of delivering that killer shot, at worst your opponent is frozen.

 So, which mech would you equip it on? There’s only 2 options for me… The Boreas or The Charon. Both of mine have high Crit Kill percentages and high freeze. It’s a winner, winner Turkey Dinner in my Santa Special rating!

 But that’s not it! There’s two other weapons available for Christmas in the vortex! The MG gods have heard my pleas about vortex only weapons and finally delivered with two massive additions to any armory!

Woe (Laser)

Crit-Kill 21%
Speed – 140
Damage – 225

 This weapon will bring Christmas woe to your opponents! A massive speed of 140! Yes, 140! Couple that with a massive damage of 225 and your opponent is taking a massive punch! The biggest bonus of this weapon though is the Crit Kill of 21%! The nearest Niode equivalent is…

Blue Dragon (Laser)

Crit-Kill 19%
Speed – 104
Damage – 125

 As you can see, it’s a massive upgrade all round and it’s one weapon that you won’t complain about picking up in the Vortex. This weapon is the bringer of woe for your opponents but in my Christmas ratings it’s a ‘Santa Special’ if you’re lucky enough to get one in the vortex.

 Last but not least is the third Christmas only weapon…

Frosty (ICE)

Slow (20)
Freeze 100%
Speed – 140
Damage – 225

 It’s the Ice equivalent of Woe. But instead of Crit Kill you’re getting 100% freeze and Slow (20). It’s another sweet weapon! But I see a downside… that freeze is irrelevant for me! My Boreas and Charon mechs already have massive freeze and unless that 100% freeze means your opponent is frozen for twice as long it’s a wasted bonus.

 The vortex gods should have put something else in there like Crit Kill and made it an ‘Ice Woe’ or they could have looked at the ‘Amarok’ & ‘Frigid Lodestar’ and whacked in some sweet damage multipliers like 2x Damage & 3x Damage at 30%. That would have made this a much more potent weapon than it already is.

 So, the Frosty gets a ‘Santa Special’ but only just, and only because of it’s speed and damage.

 Hmmm, why am I still not happy? well, except for the Woe the other 2 weapons are nothing special. Plus these Christmas weapons raise your chance of getting a weapon in the vortex to 54%. Yeah, that’s not great! It’s more than likely that, in a triple vortex pick, 2 out of 3 boxes will be weapons and those are odds that no-one really wants.

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