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It’s CHAOS time! by David McCallum #701548

Well, it’s official… we are having a new type of war and of course everyone and their dog has an opinion on it.

Did you honestly believe for one second that I wouldn’t let my gob run on the matter?

To be honest when it was first raised in an official capacity, I was wary to the point of almost deciding on the spot not to participate. And to be honest, having started from that viewpoint I can understand completely anyone who feels the same way. It’s a natural thing.

Let’s see if I can throw some stuff out there to change your mind.

First off, its natural to be skeptical of something new, and that’s a healthy attitude to take. We are all adults and have made dumb mistakes in the past, but with experience we have learned to look for the flaws in something new and weigh up for ourselves if its a good or a bad thing.

The first downside was leaving the security blanket of my clan. That’s a big thing for anyone.

On a personal level, there’s a reason why I hang around with my lot. They are a great bunch of folks. In fact, at the turn of the decade, I realised that meeting up with them actually factored in the top 5 high points of the last ten years, which either goes to show just how great a bunch they are, or my life just sucks…

Others may stick with their clans either because they know they can rely on them or because of guaranteed winning streaks. Neither of those are invalid.

Whatever the reason, its only natural to feel trepidation about moving away from your comfort zone.

On the flip side of playing alongside friends, one of the big concerns for me was how I would react if I was teamed up with somebody who I actually have no time for. I’ll be honest and say that this one for me was the factor that most put me off a random draw clan format.

I was on the verge of petitioning for a separate ‘opt out’ button for use after clans were announced in case we found ourselves stuck with somebody we don’t get along with… after all in any endevour in life we have the option of voting with our feet if we don’t like the situation we find ourselves in.

This has been the reason why I have broken ranks with my clan the past few Faction Wars, simply because I have issues with players I would otherwise be allied with. In terms of enjoyment, I would normally reserve the right to choose who I play alongside so that I can… well… enjoy myself without having to watch out for somebody playing silly devils.

In the end, I decided that those people weren’t worth consideration as to whether I participate or not. I consider myself relatively tolerant unless pushed past a certain point and I know that I can at least act in a professional manner for a few days. Besides, the amount of folk that have made it onto my sh*t list are far in the minority, so the odds are that I won’t be drawn with them.

If it turns out that I get unlucky, meh, its only for not like I’m stuck with them for a lifetime (even if it may feel like that at the time).

So I guess the above is a counter to my colleague Spike’s assertion that we hold no allegiances; you have an allegiance to yourself. So do all the rest of your chaos clan. Get along and gain, notwithstanding any unfortunate inactives you have to carry.

It could be worse Spike, by my reckoning you stand a 1 in 8 chance of ending up with me as a clan mate…

Hang on, that also means that even worse worse, I have a 1 in 8 of ending up with Kenneth Hicks who wouldn’t know a decent specialist if it sat up and bit him on his ample rump…

The one thing I have noticed from personal experience is that in any situation where you have separate groups competing against each other, preconceived ideas about the people who make up ‘the opposition’ start to form. And those notions generally start to take on a negative rather than positive tone. Its human nature and happens in all walks of life.

Them and us, and of course ‘we’ are superior for whatever reason we can come up with. That preconception would be enough to put anybody off being thrown randomly alongside another group of people who you don’t know.

Well, I can let you in on a little secret.

From my time running with other clans in Faction Wars that I wouldn’t normally run with had I towed the party line, I can reveal a common truth. Weaker clans aren’t duffers, they enjoy competing the same as everyone and are probably the hardest workers out there. Coiners aren’t elitist, they are regular folks like you or I, just with more money.

And all across the spectrum, they will participate in humour with a scatological or flatulence based punchline.

Lets move on to the format, now that we have the details.

8 person clans, 8 specialist slots.

To steal a phrase, “And you get a spec! And you get a spec! And you get a spec!…”

And of course some of the coiners are already up in arms.


The idea behind this bash is to level things out… why would you NOT allow anybody to play to their greatest strengths?

It’s not like you coiners can’t just spend money to make counter specialists against the stuff us free or small pay players can field…

So anyway, a random mix of pay and free players throughout, hopefully next to no level average difference… certainly not to the point where there will be coat-tailing and of course no chance to engineer a division.

Guess what… we actually have to work for a living in this war!

You know, back like we had to when we first started!

No cakewalks, no rollovers, actually having to test strength beforehand and use scouts and comparisons from battle videos.

Actual potential for the chance of clan victory if you aren’t used to it, or the fear of defeat if you are from the opposite end of the spectrum. Heady, scary stuff.

No need for the regular plastic winning players to feel as if they can’t pull their weight. Throw your Red Ants into the ring as a spec and pull the teeth of the pay players on the opposite side. Make them play on your turf to get their wins.

From experience, my own actual experience, changing it up and running with different folk away from your comfort zone can be a hell of a blast. Take the opportunity.

Just remember to break the ice with a fart joke in your new clan chat and you’ll be away and laughing…

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