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Interview With Abe Yap ID #698605 By Kenneth Hicks ID #846092

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten “out of the house” so to speak.
The dysfunctional pirates known as “My Staff” have finally started settling down and getting back into a groove in recent months, so once the home insurance payment cleared, I felt it was about as safe as it gets to leave the Galaxy Gathering Headquarters and go stretch my legs some.

24 hours and a box of “business receipts” later, and I found myself in Cogwerk Port in a little dive known as “Dave’s Place.
Now if you’re into glam, paparazzi, and an overall “Welcome To The Big Show” kind of atmosphere, you’re probably over at LaSalle’s.
But say your more in the mood for something a bit more dank, dim, and let’s just say “Locally Flavorful”.
That’s when you find yourself in Dave’s Place.

First rule of Dave’s Place is “Dave’s Not Here.”
Seriously, no one has ever seen the guy, the barkeep says he gets paid directly into an account for him and was given access to a “slush account” for day to day expenses and deposits.

The Second Rule is “Respect The Atmosphere.”
No one here wants to be around tourists, or chatty people, or overly excitable people, or just people in general.
No, this is where the City’s Service Industry people and locals come to hang out. Those that make your death machines run, and those who make everything else run around you.
In short, they don’t want to hear your shit.
Unless invited of course.

So here I am, at the bar nursing a Snarvum Spit Blaster, when I hear “I got his next one barkeep” from over my shoulder.
A slight, yet nimble man, older in age but sharp, bright eyes wearing a burnt orange Hawaiian shirt and a pilots suit, tied off at the waist slid onto the stool next to me.

“Abe! Abe Yap as I live and breathe! How you doing, bud?”
I’ve had a “working relationship” with Abe for a number of years.
He was originally a member of the fearsome Chessmen Clan and I battled him time and again in Ruby Dragon, those fights were always down to the wire, and always separated by a mater of points. A smarter, more fearless competitor you’ll have a hard time finding.
When the Chessmen finally dispersed, he came over and joined the Dragon Clans and has been a comrade in arms ever since.

“So, what’s going on Abe, what’s on your mind?”
“Well, as you know, I don’t really follow the News Sites much, so I don’t usually catch the Community Jibber Jabber until it comes across as orders, but the Chaos Wars Announcement was just that, Chaos”

“Well, that “Jibber Jabber” is my bread and butter, but please, do go on”
“So, How the heck is anyone supposed to know what to do or where they are going?
The placing of people in random groups to fight seems interesting, my guess is it will end with more complaints than anything.
Things like playing with people according to level. Some people can destroy others 10-20 levels above them and vice versa.
It will suck for those who are strong playing with those who have not developed their formations.
Also the prizes should be considerably better especially for those who end up in a clan with weaker formations.
Like I said interesting concept, most likely horrible results.”

“Alright, valid points. So if you had the power, what would you focus on changing?”
“Well, I think the prize structure should be changed as far as raid prizes are concerned.
I play in tier 7 and the Clan War prizes are Boreas, Anti, Regis.
The raid prizes are above those so I can’t really use them.
Also the levels for Wave Challenges, Circuit Fights, and KOTM are ridiculous. They all need a smaller spread. ”

“Well, I’m with you on those as well. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes. But tell me, why the drink just to bend my ear some?”

“Like I said, I don’t really go in for all that Jibber Jabber. But if we don’t put our opinions out there, how else are they going to know what we think?”

“True enough Abe, True enough…”

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