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Improving The Mecha Galaxy With Spike Shepard ID #846030

I know, I’ve named this article after myself but bear with me a minute…
I know I rant (alot!) But in those rants I put a lot of ideas forward and some of them do get through to our battered but beloved MG creator.

I’ve ranted in my articles for I don’t know how long! But quite a few things I suggested have been taken on board.
Wave challenges finally became something to participate in!
Prizes improved in circuits with niodes being added to the crystal weapons! War prizes have improved!
Even the Vortex has got better gear with better chances and weapons you can’t yet but!

Most recently wave challenges have finally got different weapons being given as prizes instead of orbital defense lasers and photon degenerators! All things I’ve had a good old rant about!
Yeah, some of you may not like me, some of you may even rip into me about my constant whining!
But, things are improving and you pilots are benefiting from these improvements!

Don’t believe me…just read my Galaxy Gathering articles going back over the last 2+ years.
It’s great that Nick has taken my whiny rants on board! But there’s still room for improvement! There always is!

So, what’s got my goat recently?
Two things come to mind, one a personal favourite…
Raids and raid prizes!

1) I’ve said this many times before. Don’t give us 2000 Mecha to kill at half XP! Give us 1000 mechs at normal XP! Then sort out all this crystal crap you keep throwing at us in the raids! We don’t want or need it! Crystal is so abundant with almost everything you do giving crystal! Worst is raids…when you gain 1000 XP just to win crystal mechs & crystal weapons & crystal equipment & crystal blah blah! WE DON’T WANT IT! WE DON’T NEED IT! Just make the raid all Niode! Simple! Give us stuff we want to win and raid participation will rise! Continue with crystal and in the near future you’ll have no-one entering raids! They’ll start and it’ll be one or 2 clan members gaining 10,000 XP only to win a bloody Arclight!

2) Wars… Clan, Faction, Chaos, whatever! I understand there has to be ‘something different’ but take the time to sort it the hell out before dumping it on us! Chaos Wars was a good idea! Delivered properly it could have been amazing! But no… Nick went and rushed it, threw in everyone who didn’t say no and their pet cat then claimed the rule of surprise changing things as he went along!
Damn! I rant away about the imbalance of Heralds for Chaos Wars and less than 24 hours after Kenneth Hicks stuck my post up Nick turned the bonus heralds into a normal wave challenge!

Anyhoo…you all know how Chaos Wars went. Should there be another in the future then I see a massive decline in participation.
Chaos Wars…Good Idea… Bad Delivery!
My suggestion… An ideas thread in MG Players!

Here everyone puts down their ideas for MG and, if any are chosen, Nick can award the pilot 100 niodes for the idea!
You can post mech ideas, weapon ideas, equipment ideas, etc, etc.
What has Nick got to lose?
If your idea come to fruition then you get named somewhere in the design, bio, description as well.
If you’re legendary this can get added to you legendary status.

Something like … ‘In 3358 Spike Shepard’s design for the Ddraig mech was finally put into production with Cherry Blossom industries and he received the first Ddraig mech built!’
Hmmm, did someone design a Dragon Mech a while back?
Anyhoo, it’s time I buggered off but wouldn’t it be great if your idea became part of the Mecha Galaxy!

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