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Clan Wars 3355 – Part One By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So…after the abortion I call Faction Wars (come on, 6000+ kills for a bullseye rail?) the powers that be have decided to ask the pilots what they want for Clan Wars 3355.

There’s 2 options here…

(1) A Semi-random clan shuffle (all active players sorted by level and auto assigned to clans)

(2) Regular Clan War

At present (1) is well in the lead!!!

How about option (3) Mechalympics!!!! YAY!!!!

Now I had my say on the post and remarked…’Personally Nick Shapiro I think you’re making a noose to hang yourself with! Main Reasons… (1) Level means nothing! Look around my level of 134, say level 124-144. There’s half a dozen players (me included) that are tough and can punch well above their level. Now, sod’s law dictates that by sheer fluke 2 or 3 of these are likely to just drop in the same clan! Hey presto, instant Gold. So yeah, it’s likely a few less tough players may taste gold if they’re lucky enough to pair up in this clan but overall it changes little as level really does mean nothing! (2) Say you get all the active players, players in clans and build your random clans. What’s stopping those is crappy clans who have no hope of anything decent dropping out and leaving the clan? What then? another reshuffle? (3) Who is going to be Clan Leader? no offense but some of us have experience and know what to do! Others couldn’t equip and ant properly! You could choose a clan leader who doesn’t want the responsibility! These are just basic issues with the free for all random shuffle approach. Mk Mathews does have a valid point here mind, charge everyone an entry fee but make the prizes kick ass for a change! Even for bronze and plastic instead of the usual crap they get palmed off with! Plus for clan leaders, don’t just dump niodes on them, give them ‘X’ amount of 2x Upgrade kits or a sweet weapon or something for their troubles.’

 But i’m not alone in this viewpoint…NO! Leeboy Wegenast has already declared himself out if (1) wins the vote. Even Nick Shapiro quotes ‘Anarchy!’.

 This aside, Don Davis want’s to penalize those pilots who don’t show up or who are out of formation. Mk Matthews says to charge those entering (not a bad idea if the prizes are seriously improved to reflect the buy in especially for Bronze and Plastic medals). Oh, and a better raid! Seriously Nick Shapiro, the last few raids have been awful!!! WE DON’T WANT OR NEED CRYSTAL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

 But overall It’s well on it’s way to becoming Crap Wars 3355 (No, I’ve just copy wrote that title so you can’t have it!) As it looks to be well on it’s way to the random shuffle a fate and fortune to fight your longtime clan mates (who are now in other clans) for those wonderful pieces of crystal junk that accompany every war in abundance! Am I being negative? No, I don’t think so! You see, no matter what rules and regulations, penalties or prizes, etc,etc are put in place it’s going to be pot luck if your in the Gold clan as the level shuffle is going to favor one clan just as strongly as the well built, well organised clans that have been around since pilots first stepped into an ant!

 But for now It’s TTFN and a stay tuned as we at Galaxy Gathering keep you updated on Crap Wars 3355 and try to help you understand WTF is going to happen!

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