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Chaos Wars Prt. 4 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Chaos is already reigning in the Mecha Galaxy!
No, the battles haven’t started!
The Chaos Clans are still not set!
So WTF am I on about?

I’m on about the Heralds!
The what?…..
Those mechs that pop up before a war and you make sure you knock down 7 waves of each type, 35 waves total! Minimum!
This gives your clan 1% to all shields including crit kill shielding!
So, Heralds pop up and hey presto!
A few hours later I’ve done my 35 lines!
Thing is I check in today and I’m starting to wonder if I was hallucinating and had done 35 lines of that white stuff I found in that pirate cache on the moon’s!

Well, now it’s some personal quest for your own prizes instead!
After checking it wasn’t a joke (I wouldn’t recommend laser blasting your own foot) I had to conclude that, once again, I identified as a meat-popsicle and the challenge had changed!
I’m sorry but turning it into a normal wave challenge has just defeated the point of what I did this challenge for!
I just need to know WTF is going on?
What’s next?
You clan specs change every hour to keep you on your toes?
If you defeat an opponent twice you swap places in clans?
Don’t tell me, everyone fights for Gold, then at the last minute the table is reversed and plastic clan gets the gold prizes!
No, better than that!
The bad person we raid against instead raids us and steals our Mecha and stuff when we lose!
Why is the goalpost continually moving?
I get it’s Chaos but that is no reason for Nick to do whatever he wants and claim rule of surprise!
FFS Nick!
Throw your pilots a coin and sort this abortion out!
So, until something else random happens…I give it less than 24 hours!
It’s TTFN and a stay tuned to the grumpy old gits at the Galaxy Gathering!

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