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Chaos Wars – Part 3 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So… With a little over 3 days to go to Chaos Wars we still have some major issues!

1) None of the pilots are actually placed in a clan! Yeah, WTF! Some pilots may be used to this disorganization but I’m not! With my Clan ‘Brotherhood Blackwatch’ we’re already set and discussing tactics! Specialists were set days ago!
2) With no clan set then this brings the issue that, if the clan has issues, Nick has issues! I’m expecting 30-40 Clans at least. Is Nick going to be able to single handedly sort out clan issues in less than 24 hours? No…NO, Nick barely has time to deal with the odd issue posted in the forum!
3) Heralds! Since these have come in for Wars it’s been a bone of contention for me! You see, the active Niode Clans pick these up and it more or less nullifies any chance of an upset by the crystal clans. That crit kill shield alone can stop most anything built into a mech when you have 7-8% Crit shield. Add in some of the new crit shield from vortex and you’re laughing! Crystal pilots won’t get those Crit Kills and you just front line the poor fools! Chaos wars organized enough to have Heralds? Hmmm ….
4) The Chaos Clans have been given 8 specialists each! But with clans still not set up…..yeah…. Issues! How much time will the clan leader have to set up specialists? What if there’s less than 24 hours, the clan leader chosen is inactive because Nick picks a ‘only log in to upgrade once a day’ leader? Yeah, with no specialists set, inactive clan leader, etc you have Nick doing what? Telling us to give it a few hours? Finally changing the leader with only hours to go! By then the clan is in general disarray and we’re already blasting each other leaving little but burning mechs for our opponents to pick through the next battle round!
5) Still no prizes! Enough said on that point already! It’s clear that Nick has taken no notice of my last article! There’s no ‘apply for leader button’! Anyone logging in is in a clan whether that want to be or not! Etc, etc. Still an auto start, free for all, raid as well!

So, I stand by my statement that most pilots are going to get their kills needed for prizes and then sit back and do nothing!
What am I doing?
Depends …. I’ve entered so I’ll be in a clan somewhere reporting from inside this Chaos. Apart from that it all depends on my clan. If my clan is active, good leader, specialists set, etc I’m giving it my all! If my clan is the epitome of what I expect Chaos Wars to be then I’m getting my kills needed, taking my prizes and going back to my hanger! I won’t sabotage my team, but I’m not going to pick up useless XP for no reason!

Anyhoo, it’s TTFN from me until part 4 of my in-depth analysis of Chaos Wars, only in your favourite Galaxy Gathering!

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