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Chaos Wars : Battle Day Two By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So, as you know, I’m sitting in the bar drowning out the memory of our first day of battle. On the whole I’m not feeling to bad as I do have 5 other pilots who have turned up for the war! Problem is that we’re all on the same ship, the Titanic!

The bartender has the days war screening live and the main point of note is that Chaos Wars is not the equalised level fest the powers that be tried to sell! No, it’s come down to clans lucky enough to have all 8 active pilots all with specs blowing the opposition off the field. This only reinforces the fact that level means nothing!

The biggest topic of Chaos wars though is the discussion over pilots who just haven’t shown up! Wins forfeited because these pilots just haven’t bothered or were entered without their consent. ‘Just because I turn up to work doesn’t mean I want to be there!’ was one comment made.

Hmmmm, so how we’re my Galaxy Gathering cohorts doing?

Well…David McCallum was having a similar sort of day to myself! His clan were taking a severe beating! Guess we both have wood for this war


On the other hand Kenneth Hicks had been placed in a strong team and are looking dead certs for a Gold! But that’s Kenneth, he’s the sort of guy who loses a niodes and finds 10! Landed on his feet as usual!

So, where does my clan go from here?

That all depends on Chuck and Kyle. If they show up we may be able to steal a win from a less fortunate clan (if one such clan exists in our division! Otherwise it’s a get 2 more wins, forget the raid (the raid is a long running joke!) and head home! What else can you do when clan members are just not there?

Future Chaos Wars? Should that ever come to fruition then I’m out! Ok, those who got lucky this time and won Gold or Silver will have their say, etc! But for me it’s been a mess from the start! I’ve made that perfectly clear! Being part of the Chaos has only reinforced my anti-chaos feelings! I’ll keep reporting but don’t expect anything less than my usual rants you’ve all grown to love….or hate!

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