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Chaos Wars – Battle Day Three By Spike Shepard ID #846030

As the third battle approached it was the same old same old. Just over 3 hours to go and still no match-ups had been declared!

Yeah, I know! It’s Chaos!

Next person who says Chaos! gets a slap! George Warren …yeah, even you!


I was just about to ask WTF is going on as I finished my second scouting run of our possible opponents! (Scouting 3 clans is so much fun when no one knows anything!) But Sal Vezzosi Jr beat me to the question! Thanks Sal! Seems I’m not the only pilot borderlining on total frustration with this War!

And that’s the point! You can’t blame a war called Chaos for the issues! NO! Blame falls firmly on those who decided that this war, totally unplanned and at the last minute, was a great idea!

But meh! To expect anything more than the abortion we have so far was maybe just a little too optimistic!

Finally with only 3 hours to go opponents were finally announced!

We had Zombies! No, the undead hadn’t risen! Then again the way the war was going anything was possible! No, it was Blind Zombies, followers of Nick! But the name made perfect sense in it’s own way!

So, I put up the scouting reports and made my way to the cockpit of my Pike to await the starting horn!

The moment I heard the horn go I stormed in like a bat out of hell! After 30 minutes we were 18-4 up but that was me done! All I could do now was cross my fingers and hope!

After 9 hours though the Zombies had staged a solid comeback! It was 25-25! But, there were still a lot of attacks left with Eric, Nick, Kai, Chuck and Neves all capable of pulling off a few more victories!

Over the next 3 hours it was a cagey hit for hit as our 2 clans felt each other out looking for a weakness. With 12 hours gone the score was 30-29 with Mandos just edging the exchanges. Then it all changed!

One by one, Mandos pilots punched huge holes in the zombie lines. Grabbing a few victories before dropping back into formation. It was the turning point of the battle! With less than 2 hours to go these controlled attacks had put Mandos 51-30 ahead and the decision made by our Leader Eric was to drop back and hold our defensive positions.

Surprisingly only Ron-bo Wilson attacked in the closing minutes but this made little difference to the score. As when the final horn blew we had taken victory over zombies by 54 – 32

But that was not all! As we celebrated victory it was also announced that ‘Spike Shepard’ has delivered the biggest hit in Division 3 and had won a Justicar!

Nothing like a double clan celebration!

If anyone would have told me that after our humiliation in the first battle we were going to lift silver I would have laughed you out of my hanger. But credit where credit is due, Eric turned us around and should be proud of his accomplishment! That said, special note has to go to Blind Zombies who put up one hell of a 3rd battle fight!

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