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Chaos Wars : Battle Day One By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I love fighting alongside my brothers in arms in my clan ‘The Brotherhood Blackwatch.’
As a clan we’re organised, wise, experienced. Sadly, today, I wasn’t fighting alongside them…
No! Today I was part of a hastily thrown together clan of 8. Yeah…
it’s Chaos Wars!……

So…our issues in the first few minutes was that Kyle Yoder clearly wasn’t active but lo and behold the powers that be had named him leader!
Less than 24 hours to go and we’re screwed already!
It took a few hours but eventually the powers that be finally made my old Heroes team mate Eric Finley the leader.
All credit to Eric. Specialists got sorted, etc, etc.
For a few hours things looked positive!
But this is Chaos Wars!
I shouldn’t have gotten comfortable!
WTF was I thinking!

With 20 minutes to go we had a few out of formation issues but Kai immediately responded and dropped into his 20 Ton formation.
But that was it!
Come the starting horn Kyle Yoder was still a no show! With a crystal line up, no honor guard and no real spec (all credit to Eric for at least giving him a cannon spec because he was mostly projectile mech) We knew that we already had 16 losses to make up.

For this I fully place the blame at the feet of Nick. Why oh why oh why did you just add pilots who only log in for the free daily upgrade!
Don’t make me laugh!
If they wanted in they just had to press that big button saying ‘IN’ it wasn’t rocket science! Screw up number 2 though is one I have to hold Chuck Daly fully accountable for!
Don’t go asking for a 70 Ton spec if, come the starting horn, your out of formation!!!
No wonder Myths and Legends are a silver clan!
It’s this sort of incompetence that loses battles!

Look, you know me, I don’t pull my punches!
But with one no show and one out of formation we’re going to hell in a hand-basket with 32 losses against us!
We can’t recover from that!
Especially when you’re up against a clan that’s lucky enough to have 8 active pilots all with clan experience who are all in formation.
Add to that fact that the others in my clan try to hit above their weight (bless) only to hand the opposition some D wins.

Barely 30 minutes had passed but I shouted ‘done’ over the Comms and promptly exited my cockpit to hit the nearest bar and write this!
I don’t drink but damn, I came close!
I guess, at worst we come last in the division.
At least then I’m adding to my history ‘I got wood in 3355!’
Right! So…what next?
Sadly 2 more battles to come out of this abortion!
How could it get any worse?!?!

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