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Chaos Wars 3355 – Part Two By Spike Shepard ID #846030

So… The decision has been made and 90 pilots voted for Chaos Wars over the usual option of Clan Wars.

Now, I call this Crap Wars for a reason… It’s like a crap shoot at the casino! When those dice hit the table you have no idea if it’s going to roll 7 or snake eyes! That’s exactly what this war looks like!
Let me explain… First off there’s and opt in / opt out button. Great idea! But then this is undone by automatically adding those pilots who don’t choose! Yeah, really!

Dear Nick .. I’m sure those wanting to enter are more than capable of hitting the opt in button… It’s not rocket science! By adding in anyone who doesn’t say no you’re going to be including players who maybe just log in to upgrade daily, etc. Second point… Out of those included the leader will be the one who logs in the most! WTF?!?! Nick, newsflash!!!!! Many pilots stay logged in. I do! So, rather then add an ‘apply to be leader button’ you’re going to auto choose the pilot logging in the most!?!? Nick… You’re going to choose (more than likely) the pilots that log in daily just to use the free upgrade kit! These, though, are not the only issues!

1) Specialties – not announced!
2) Prizes – not announced!
3) Levels – these mean nothing! Chaos! Damn right it’s going to be Chaos!

One clan ends up with inactive leader and or inactive pilots because of the auto opt in! What then? A reshuffle? A tough, you’re the plastic clan? We need to know because if this happens you’re just going to end up with half your Chaos clans not bothering! Mark my words…it’s going to happen! Then when the raid hits it’s an auto start free for all which we’ve all witnessed!

But we’re a clan! Um…no… we’re a chaos clan with no allegiances!!!!! We’re just as likely to shoot each other as we are the opposition!!!! Am I getting through to you Nick?
My ideas….only add those who opt in! Add in a button so we can apply to be leader! At least then you can choose the most active / experienced leader from those who want to lead! See easy! Then make these wars better by actually giving everyone good prizes and a good raid! Cut out the crystal filler! We don’t want or need it! Give better percentage options to win something good! Yes, I can write an article! But will Nick listen? At that my fellow pilots is the final and most pertinent question!

Anyhoo it’s TTFN from me and my team at Galaxy Gathering! Stay tuned for part 3!

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