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Chaos Wars – 2nd Day Of Battle By Spike Shepard ID #846030

After the disappointment of the first day’s battle our Chaos clan finally came to life. Words were said, but on the whole it got the clan communicating! We needed to iron out our issues!

You see, I’d joined chaos wars for two reasons…
1) To report from within the Chaos War.
2) To win!!!
The first one was easy, good or bad there was a story there. The second one, well that had been so far elusive! It was clear that some pilots had made the mistake that Chaos wars was time to make new friends. No…we were thrown into clans to fight! To win! That is what we in The Brotherhood did every war!

Was it Eric’s leadership qualities? Was it my ranting? Whatever it was we found a shaky but common ground where Eric even managed to get some communication going with the elusive Kyle Yoder!
I know!
So while Eric did his thing I went off and scouted the opposition (when our opponents were finally announced!). I came back with my reports and put them on the clan message boards for everyone to see before messaging Eric and retiring to bed.

Come the morning of Battle 2, I sat in the cockpit with my fingers crossed and waited to see if we had turned the corner after our first battle shambles. Did everyone read my scouting reports?
I need not have worried!
There was almost a psychic understanding, a plan if you will. It was almost akin to what I had become used to in The Brotherhood Blackwatch.

By the time I had made my run of attacks we were 30 – 2 ahead!
With only 6 hours left we had moved to a commanding lead of 55 – 15! Fingers crossed we’ve got ourselves at least a Bronze in this clan War. 2 Niode mechs is going to help everyone in Mandos to improve on what they currently have!
So, what next for Clan Mandos? Well, battle day 3! Fingers crossed match-ups will be announced a lot sooner than they were for round 2!
Until then I’ve got 3 possible opponents to scout!
Don’t get me wrong, a win is good but Chaos Wars is still a mess! Lots of pilots complaining about the issues I outlined in previous articles.
No shows, honor guards not set, out of formation pilots, etc. Announcing opponents for the second days match-ups late didn’t help either!

TBH a win still hasn’t convinced me that another Chaos wars is a good idea.

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