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The Clan Wars Raid Year 3353 By Spike Shepard ID #846030

The clan raid …. A bone of contention with myself and many pilots. Why? Well the usual points ..
1) Too much crystal rubbish that is easily buyable. I’ve said this before and keep repeating myself. Crystal is now so abundant I’ve built my hanger out of it! Like most pilots I have well over 100,000 crystal! We don’t need crystal equipment, mechs or weapons in the raids!
2) the percentage chances of winning anything niode are low….and getting lower. This time certain Niode mechs like the Justicar were down to only a 4% chance in our division 4 raid!
3) Unmovable walls! You know exactly what I mean! When a player over level 150 with a full honour guard & niode mechs & niode weapons pulls a big fat Zero kills against a line of mechs, it really does make you wonder why you bothered! I mean, well, it’s only division 4! I understand a raid should be challenging but there’s challenging and there’s ridiculous!
4) Ok, there was half XP on mech kills but when you’re having to kill almost 1600 just to get a mech chance the raid starts to cross the line between futility and pointlessness! Why not just keep the XP at full and half the number of mech kills needed? Yes. It really is that easy when you weigh up the options!
5) This come from another pilot…Huijari Peli…. Who complains…. ‘There’s 13 pilots in his clan but with only 12 raid shares for mechs possible that means one pilot misses out.’ A very valid point here. We’ve had raids for as long as I remember. This isn’t the first raid in existence and clans are allowed up to 16 pilots. So, you’d think we wouldn’t still be hitting an issue where pilots don’t get a mech shot! So, with these points out of the way, what did I get from my one shot at the raid? Victory!
Blurring Beam x 1
Jurassic Storm x 1
Incinerator x 1
Triplex Matrix x 1
Chiller Equation x 1
Birthday Barrage x 2
Actuator Decoupler x 1
Wishbone x 1
2x Upgrade Kit x 2

Do I need to say it? Trash!
I gained 800XP and the only useable item for me is the ‘Wishbone’. Yes, the 2x Upgrade kits are useful but we were getting these free in Cornucopia’s the last week. The issue is that out of only 9 items of weapons and equipment salvaged, 4 were crystal trash I didn’t want or need. I get better for 1XP and a silver medal in a KOTM which is also far less effort and grind! So, usually I make my recommendations here before I close my article. This time though the points are pretty self explanatory!

So, for now it’s TTFN and a stay tuned in to the Galaxy Gathering!

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