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Mech Building With The Big Boys – Faction Wars 3354: By Spike Shepard ID #846030

 So once again we come around to Faction Wars, not Mechalypics. Even though many pilots have requested a Mechalympics we’ve still only ever had one and with each passing war it looks like that will be the only one. No, The powers that be have decided that faction wars 3350 wasn’t enough so we’ve got another one! So, what are the rules this time? Minimum 24 pilots, Max 40 Pilots, 11 Specialists.

 For me it’s the same old issue,I’ve never been one to enjoy a faction war.I don’t enjoy the slog from hell of taking out a faction with 40 pilots in it, I simply don’t want or need that sort of XP gain. Plus the usual issue with previous factions wars is that the prizes don’t get anywhere near covering the niode expenditure of gaining a level every battle.

 So, are we going to have the usual arguments? The ones where the campers say too much XP while the pilots chasing levels say it’s not enough! It was the BIG issue in Faction Wars 3350! I’m sure this topic will hit the headlines again this war too!

 Next come the prizes! They never ever match the experience! Last war, Gold for divisions 1,2 & 3 gave sweet prizes. Silver for Division 1 was on a par with Gold in Division 2. The rest of the prizes though….trash! If you actually gave it your best shot and gained 2-3 levels you’d be struggling to gain the niodes to level! Yeah, in 3350 the top 5 in each clan got a cyclops, the top 15 got a Megazome (if memory serves me right). But even these will leave the most enthusiastic attackers short of niodes to cover the levels gained.

 We need smaller factions say, minimum 16, maximum 25. Then the prizes would be somewhere near the point where you at least break even from a faction war.

  Then comes the raid. Another experience gain where your only guaranteed 2 crystal weapons and 1 Nioide equipment / weapon. The rest is pot luck! Looking at recent raids they’re laughable! Niode Mechs percentage chances have dropped! See Clan Wars 3353 where you only had a 4% chance of a Justicar but a 9% chance of a Tower! As said every war …no-one needs crystal stuff! It gets scrapped or it’s just taking up space in your hanger! Plus as said in my last article …don’t make us destroy 1600 mechs at half XP for 1 shot. Just let us destroy 800 mechs at normal XP for one shot!

 So, now the big question…. what are my plans for Faction Wars 3354?

 Hmmm, this was decided for me when my clan ‘The Brotherhood Blackwatch’ made an uneasy alliance with my previous clan ‘Blackstar’…It took me all of 3 seconds to say ‘I’m out!’

 Why? Well, this is where articles aren’t allowed to mention names! But, those of you in the know will be more than aware of ‘words’ between myself and a certain Blackstar pilot. It doesn’t matter if Gold is more or less assured with the alliance. I can’t work with a pilot I ‘dislike’.

 So, for now I’m just going to be sitting on the sidelines and reporting on the carnage of Faction war 3354. Look at the positive! With no war to fight I’ll have more time to write!

 Anyhoo it’s TTFN but I hope I’ve given the powers that be something to consider for the upcoming Faction War, whether they choose to listen though is another matter…

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