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MBWTBB – Vortex Christmas Specials : The Egg Nog By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With Holiday Cheer in full flow the Vortex is giving pilots that one in a year chance to pick up some sweet Christmas only gear!

 For me though I haven’t been impressed by the buyable Junk in the Vortex for a while! That aside lets have a look at another of the Vortex christmas offerings which I will rate as either ‘Santa Special’ or ‘Xmas Turkey’.

Egg Nog (75 -90 tons)

Precision (10)
Freeze 25%
Shield (8)
Speed – 4
Proj. Damage + 10%
Fork 4%

The precision is ok, easily beaten by ….

Predator Targeting (80 – 90 tons)

Crit-Kill 4%
Precision (12)
Laser Damage + 3%

 The freeze of 25% is good especially if your mech doesn’t have built in freeze. A small shield of (8) is tidy too. That projectile damage and fork make it useful for a mech like the Antithesis, but if you have a laser mech you’re better off with Predator Targetting! The only issue is -4 to speed. But that isn’t too bad. It just means that depending on your mechs speed you’re looking at only equipping 1 maybe 2 of these in your cockpit slots.

 So, the ruling on this one … it’s neutral! It has nice secondaries BUT if you look at buyable cockpits like…

1) Haptic Interface (85 – 95 Tons)
2) Executive Seating (75-80 Tons)
3) Adaptive Joystick (75 – 85 Tons)
4) Battle AI (70 – 85 Tons)
5) Predator Targetting (as above)

They all have better precision and good secondaries plus no minuses! When you can buy just as good or better than you can get in the Vortex then something like this doesn’t whet my appetite to spend in the vortex!

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