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MBWTBB: Vortex Christmas Specials – Santaspex By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With Holiday Cheer in full flow the Vortex is giving pilots that one in a year chance to pick up some sweet Christmas only gear!

 So far I hadn’t been impressed though! NO! Fruitcake Armour with 70% Fire Vulnerability & Egg Nog which is weak for a vortex item as you can buy better. But then the Figgy Pudding comes along and I was finally believing in Santa again! (ok, he’s evil but without Santa there’s no Christmas).

 So what is the next offering from Santa’s sack? (Behave you pilots with dirty minds! I can still hear you giggling!) Well it’s an old favourite the ‘Santaspex’! So, let’s see the stats on this….

Santaspex (105 Tons)

Precision (11)
Freeze 25%
3X Damage 3%
Fork 15%

As said, this is a oldie from when 105 Tonners first hit the scene. So how does it fare against more recent buyable cockpits?

VR Control Rig (105 Tons)

Precision (14)

Turbocardio (105 Tons)

Precision (12)
Slow (1)
Crit-Kill 2%
Freeze 4%

Tech Support (100 – 105 Tons)

Precision (12)
2X Damage 5%
Auto Repair (1)
Dodge (1)

 Well, as you can see, you can buy 3 Cockpits with better precision. So, on that front, if you’re after pure precision then buy one of the above. My personnal favourite is ‘Tech Support’ as it has nice little perks of Auto Repair and Dodge!

 The thing is though that ‘Tech Support’ is more of a defensive cockpit. Santaspex carries a more offensive package. Freeze , 3x Damage and Fork are ideal if you’re looking to put your opponent’s turkey on ice rather than get your own turkey fried!

 The only issue for me is that they are limited to 105 Ton mechs. So for me, I can only see them as useful in the Charon. The Charon is a nice big Ice mech but has ZERO built in freeze! So 2-3 of these depending on other equipment and weapons and you have what we call the slow death!

 What is the ‘Slow Death’? It’s when every hit freezes your opponent! So next turn they defrost and you hit them again! Then they take damage and are frozen again. When id this useful? Oh, most KOTM’s…especially Point Mech Panic, Top Row Only, Front Row only. It’s also useful in low tonnage formations. It’s called ‘Don’t let your opponent get a shot off!’

 So, what is my rating for the ‘Santaspex?’ It’s another  ‘Santa Special’ in my ‘Santa Special’ or ‘Xmas Turkey’ ratings! Why? it may lack a bit of precision BUT it does carry a sweet offensive package. Plus, if your mech has 6+ Cockpits it’s easy enough to buy cockpits around the Santaspex to compensate for the slight lack of precision.

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