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MBWTBB – Vortex Christmas Specials – Fruitcake Armour By Spike Shepard #846030

 It’s that time of year where Holiday Cheer is spread through the Vortex giving pilots that one in a year chance to pick up some sweet Christmas only gear! We’ll that’s what we’d all like to think!

 For me though I haven’t been impressed by the buyable Junk in the Vortex for a while! That aside lets have a look at the Vortex christmas offerings whick I will rate as either ‘Santa Special’ or ‘Xmas Turkey’.

 First Up………….

Fruitcake Armor (85 – 90 Tons)

Shield (45)
Proj. Shield 30%
Missile Shield 20%
Laser Shield 5%
Proj. Shield (30)
Fire Vulnerable 70%

 So, some decent stats shield wise with a shield of (45) and good projectile and missile shielding. Small laser shielding is ok too…..the issue though is that 70% Vulnerability to fire! I don’t know any pilot in their right mind who’s going to fit this on a mech! Who want’s their mech literally melted by a fire mech? I mean 70% WTF!!! I would accept 7% but that 70% Vulnerability is stupid…just stupid!

 So, yeah, you’ve guessed it! The Fruitcake Armour is an Xmas Turkey!

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