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MBWTBB: Vortex Christmas Specials – Figgy Pudding By Spike Shepard ID #846030

With Holiday Cheer in full flow the Vortex is giving pilots that one in a year chance to pick up some sweet Christmas only gear!

 So far I haven’t been impressed though! NO! Fruitcake Armour with 70% Fire Vulnerability & Egg Nog which is weak for a vortex item as you can buy better.

 So what is the next offering from Santa’s sack? (Behave you pilots with dirty minds!) Well it’s Figgy Pudding! So, let’s see the stats on this….

Figgy Pudding (95 – 110 Tons)

Speed + 17
Auto Repair (4)
Med-Bot (2)
Crit-Kill 1%

Finally Evil Santa has delivered! It’s an engine that every pilot will want for Christmas! Speed +17 so it’s fast! The highest buyable speed is…

Centauri Core (105 – 110 Tons)

Speed + 14
Med-Bot (1)

So it’s like some mad mech jock has come along and seriously pimped up a Centauri Core then made it available to 95 and 100 ton mechs.

 What else is not to love about Figgy Pudding! The Auto Repair (4) & Med Bot (2) Will keep the mech this is equipped on and the mechs on either side fully operational. You see pilots forget that Mecha Galaxy is a war of attrition. Too many pilots go for mega weapons and look for big hits. These are few and far between as we all know. Personally I play the other side of the fence and it works well for me, the other side being don’t get hit, take minimal damage and repair that damage ASAP! With this beauty on every mech I can equip it on I’ll easily be the last mech standing.

 This little beauty does everything I want in leaps and bounds! Plus that crit kill bonus of 1% is just the custard or cream on the pudding, especially if you fit this on a crit kill mech like the Boreas!

 So, with the Figgy Pudding being that one engine that is not only stupid fast but one that keeps your mech in the game it’s a big ‘Santa Special’ in my ‘Santa Special’ or ‘Xmas Turkey’ ratings!

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