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Faction Wars 3354 – Day One By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I know the report heading says day one but bear with me here for a few seconds. This report is written during the early hours of the first day, there’s been a fair bit of fighting and the Division Winners have already announced themselves! YAY!

 But that’s Faction Wars, the strong band together and the rest fight for the scraps! Let me explain…

 First, I’ve nothing against the strong clans or coiners as I’m not only with a strong clan but I’m also a coiner. Yes, we have just done a big clan buy in and yes, I have about 2400 niodes left to spend when something decent pops up! Moan if you like, but, without us paying our way there’s no Mecha Galaxy as the powers that be can’t run the Galaxy for free! Plus none of you have taken me up on the writing challenge so you really have no right to moan if you play for free and don’t contribute in any way!

 With that out of the way I come onto the 4-5 hour long Herald mash-up to gain bonuses for clan wars. Well, this clearly disadvantaged many a pilot. But if your faction did make the most of it then well done. Personally I hold great disdain for Faction Wars…Prizes don’t match the experience gained, etc,etc! This faction war is no different on that respect as you can get pretty much the same prizes for competing in Squad Wars and gaining very little experience.


 That’s not the big gripe here! The gripe was the Heralds and not the short period of time, NO! Again! It was the fact you even had Heralds… Why? Well those in the weaker play for fun because we don’t have the cash clans, have a tough enough battle just trying to match the strong. Sometimes all they have is that crit kill line and crossed fingers because they just can’t deal the damage. Hey, the damage reduction shield that comes with the Heralds is bad enough in Faction Wars. Clans of at least 24…so most clans have 24%+ to all shielding. But then build in that Crit Kill shielding and you wipe out all hope of any upset. Faction wars is a dead cert on who’s got the 4 Golds!

 So, you all know I abstained from competing and the reasons. Hey I could have got the wins I needed and rode coat tails for 3 rounds! Lifted Gold, got the mechs, etc,etc! Hell, I needed a second Humbaba and I’ve been after a Justicar. But that’s not me! I fight for each medal I have as it’s called earning it! Same with the post on Legendary Pilots… EARN IT!

 So, once the Egg Nog is drunk and the Figgy Pudding is consumed we’ll have the usual raid or as I call it ‘here’s some experience hope you like more crystal!’ Then it’s back to the daily grind.

 Until then you’ll find myself and my Ace Reporter Co-Hort from Galaxy Gathering (the Rt Hon David McCallum) Sitting on the sidelines scribbling away and giving you a wave as you eject from you cockpit (yes David, that’s a double entendre!).

 So, until next time, it TTFN!

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