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Mech Building With The Big Boys: The Orester – 65Tons By Spike Shepard ID# 846030

Now, before I start I need to mention 2 things…

1) This is a request from Polly Waffle

2) My Galaxy Gathering Co-hort (The Almighty Kenneth Hicks) Did a quality write up on the Orester back in March 2019…Check it out only in the Galaxy Gathering!

 I’ll keep Kenneths build in mind as I do this build to see if I would have done this differently. On the other hand it’s Great that I’ve inspried others to look at old problems in a new light!

Remember no build is wrong, if it works for you then it works! I’m just here to give you ideas!


Ferrite: 4800
Bioptics: 4000
Crystal: 175

Statistical Readout:

Tonnage: 65
Min Pilot Level: 32
Min Heavy Skill: 20

Bonuses before equipment at Max Level of 177:

Splash 14%
Fork 9%
2X Damage 16%
Missile Damage + 36%
Proj. Damage + 9%
Speed -2
Shield (32)

Equipment Slots:

Cockpit – 4
Chassis – 2
Engine – 3
Shield – 4

Cockpit Slots:

Hawkeye M.M. (46 Niodes)

Precision (11)
Crit-Kill 2%
Laser Damage + 10%
Missile Damage + 7%

This is a simple one. The Hawkeye gives you the best Precision of any 65 Tonner Cockpit plus it gives Missile Damage and Crit Kill. With no built in precision you need this to give you precision (44). Plus the Missile damage will boost you up to 65%. That crit kill of 8% isn’t great but it’s there and could kick in every so often.

 Yes you can get bigger damage but the loss of precision means you’re just not going to hit that often so it’s a bad idea in my book!

Chassis Slots:

Photon Gyroscope (49 Niodes)

Dodge (19)
Laser Shield 5%
Precision (2)

With no built in dodge and only 2 chassis slots you need the biggest dodge you can get! 2 of these will give you Dodge (38) but the Photon Gyroscope gives so much more. That Precision boost adds (4) taking your precision to (48) giving you an even better chance to hit. The laser shield is also useful as with only 4 shield slots it means you have some shielding from somewhere else.

Engine Slots:

Cold Fusion M.E.N.D. (40 Niodes)

Speed + 18
Auto Repair (1)
Fire Shield 2%

With only 3 slots you could go for the ‘Jet Intake Manifold’ and get 60 speed BUT the weapon damage boosts are not for missile so short of speed it has nothing else! I went for the ‘Cold Fusion MEND’ why? Slightly less speed but you get auto repair & fire shielding!

 3 of these give you Speed (54), Auto Repair (3) & fire shielding. That auto repair of 3 comes in useful when you take a hit, if you can’t repair then you’re not going to last for long!

Shield Slots:

Here you have 4 slots but need shielding for all secondaries! But with some Laser and Fire Shielding from your equipment you do have some options to cover everything! Let’s see what we can do here…..

Algid Beta (46 Niodes)

Wide Fork Shield 38%
Fork Shield 27%
Ice Shield 23%
Fire Vulnerable 7%
Shield (14)
Speed + 2

Burilmoq Beta (46 Niodes)

Splash Shield 38%
Trample Shield 27%
Missile Shield 23%
Ice Vulnerable 7%
Shield (14)
Speed + 3

Savu Beta (46 Niodes)

Splash Shield 38%
Wide Fork Shield 27%
Proj. Shield 23%
Laser Vulnerable 7%
Shield (14)
Speed + 1

These 3 shields are a must as they cover everything left. All secondaries and the other 3 primaries! But what about the 4th shield? That’s the question and that’s because you have options depending on what you want to achieve…… for me though you have 2 options for your final shield slot…..

Vupa Defender (40 Niodes)

Rebound 5%
Laser Shield 25%
Fire Shield 10%
Trample Shield 40%
Shield (5)

Laser Shield, Fire Shield and Trample shield! Plus you have 5% Rebound! Only issue…you only get shield (5).


Lumen Gamma (35 Niodes)

Laser Shield 25%
Fire Shield 14%
Missile Vulnerable 9%
Shield (15)
Speed + 3

Here you get similar Fire and Laser Shielding but you get the negative to Missile shielding. On the other hand you get shield (15) and a nice little speed bost of +3.

 Like I said, it’s all about what you want to achieve with your build. Both are good and both have their positives and negatives!


 Kenneth wasn’t far off on his build. He went for damage at a cost to precision and dodge. On the other hand I’ve gone for higher precison and dodge. Neither are right, neither are wrong. When you build a mech it’s all about what you want to achieve with your mech! We here at Galaxy Gathering just like to give you ideas and show you how we build our mechs.

 So stay tuned to us here at the Galaxy Gathering for all you mech builds and Mecha galaxy news! TTFN!

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