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Mech Building With The Big Boys: Is The Tick A Turkey? By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I was sitting at my desk in my hanger when I was surprised to see a Message from Sten Hugo Hiller of ANN News Network asking for advice. The long and short of Sten’s question was this….

 Sten was stuck. His issue in a nutshell was what can he do with the Tick. Apart from a healing mech it wasn’t of much use. He saw maybe using the Tick in a crystal 65 ton formation or in a high level 1200 ton formation. For the 1200 formation he was considering a line consisting of ……


 …well he said 4x Humbabas and 2x Ticks and I would consider that the optimal line build with the ticks used to heal the Humbabas either side.

 Let’s explore the pluses and minuses of the Tick…..

The Pluses…

1) If I total it correctly, at the max level of 198 the Tick has Med Bot (23) which is great!

2) It also has a reflect chance of 38%! This means that it has a 38% chance that any hit counts as a miss! Sorry Sten but reflect means the attack is classed as a miss, rebound means that a percentage of the damage rebounds back to the attacker.

3) It has Crit Kill shielding and every other sort of shielding built in against primary and secondary hits!

The Minuses…

1) Precision! It’s a biggie as you need to hit your opponent. Is anyone tough enough to use mechs that can’t hit a barn door at 10 paces? The issue here is you only have 2 Cockpit Slots + Precision (5) built in. That leaves you desperately lacking any sort of offensive ability compared to another 65 Ton beast like the Smilodon.

 Even adding in 2x Hawkeye M.M. for cockpits only takes you to Precision (27) Add in 5x Photon Gyroscopes for Chassis and you still only get to Precision (37)…but you do get a sweet Dodge (95). But this has cost you around 350 Niodes!

 Hmmm… spend another 650 ish Niodes for the 6 Engine and Shield slots and you have a great little mech that is fast, high dodge, great shilding, etc. BUT it can’t hit a barn dorr at 10 paces!

 Is anyone willing to spend 1000 Niodes on a mech that just isn’t going to hit anything? The thing is you have to spend on this mech as without the niode equipment your maximum precision is only 21! Yes, a feeble 21. The Red Ant has Precision (30) built in!

In Conclusion…

  If you’re running a 65 ton line up just put in a Smilodon. The Smilodon is better all round and you can just slip some auto repair into the chassis or engine….or both. A line up of all Smilodons is going to scare of any opponent who doesn’t have the same. Plus if you’re running a 65 ton crystal line up the Tick is Niode so it’s not going to be allowed (should the powers that be ever consider the crystal only option) If it’s just a general 65 ton line up then once again I would use the Smilodon! Why are you wasting niodes on the Tick?

But I haven’t finshed yet…

Usually you’ll have me signing off by now BUT Sten asked a second question about Ticks & Humbabas & 1200 Ton formations. He wanted to use the Tick as a ‘Med Bot’ to heal the Humbabas as they take damage. Hmmm….

 Just because the Tick has Med Bots built in doesn’t make it of any real use. We survived before med bots and will survive after. PLUS there are items of equipment you can buy that have Med Bots built in….

‘Quantum Bus’ (85-90 Tons) (58 Niodes)

Speed + 13
Med-Bot (2)
Laser Damage + 6%
Rebound 1%

Medusa Eye (85-90 Tons) (Vortex Only)

Speed +17
Med Bot (3)
Auto Repair (3)
Freeze 30%

Hydra Repair Swarm (85 – 95 Tons) (42 Niodes)

Med-Bot (1)
Ice Shield 16%
Laser Shield 10%
Shield (25)

Centrifugal Nullifier (95 Ton) (Vortex Only)

Speed +15
Med Bot (3)
Laser Damage +4%
Ice Damage +4%

Centauri Core (105 – 110 Tons) (57 Niodes)

Speed + 14
Med-Bot (1)

Open Source Engine (110 Tons) (58 Niodes)

Speed + 10
Med-Bot (2)

Here you have 6 items of equipment that contain ‘Med Bots’ and I’m showing these to answer Sten’s question of what to run in between his Humbaba’s in his 1200 Ton formations.

 This is what I would do…..

Front Line….

Total tons 580! Yes, at higher levels you can put 6 mechs in a row! Now, the Regis not only have an Auto Repair (5) built in they also have 6 Engine Slots. So…..Load these with Quantum Buses and Medusa Eyes to give yourself Med Bots anywhere between 12 – 18 depending on what you have. Medusa Eye’s are optimal as they give you Med Bot (3) and Auto Repair (3). 6 of these will give your Regis Auto repair (23) and Med Bot (18). Plus that freeze of 30% is sweet! If your Humbabas aren’t damaged the Regis repairs at a rate of 48 per pop! If they are those Med Bots slide over to repair your Humbabas! Damn, you could even slide a Hydra Repair Swarm into a shield slot for another Med Bot!

 It’s not just that though! The Regis is a Crit Kill beast more than capable of holding it’s own in a battle. Mine are fully equipped with Crit Kill weapons and at only Level 130 they have a 50%+ chance of Crit Killing an opponent! Oh, and their Precisions are both 95+ with Dodges both over 100+. Why are you even considering the Tick?

 Stick a red ant in the second row and you have 610 Tons left for your third row. This opens the options of repeating something like the first row or even considering getting a kick ass 110 Tonner into the second row like the Cyberdon and loading the engine slots with Open Source Engines and Centari Cores. Why not?

 Sometimes you just have to scrap a mech! Sometimes the mechs out there are oversold! They’re given all that glitz and glamour by a second hand mech salesman who’s on commission. What he’s really selling you is a christmas turkey with all the trimmings! That my fellow pilots is the Tick! A Thanksgiving Turkey all dressed up to look like it’s something more than a dead bird!

 Anyhoo, this is now the point where I sign off with a TTFN and a stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering for more Mecha Building With The Big Boys!

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