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Mech Building With The Big Boys: Exploring The Mystery Vortex By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Once again it’s that time where I take a serious look at the mystery vortex and the wonders that it holds for us.

 In the past I’ve had a good moan at the Vortex due to the percentage chances of picking up junk (I.E. stuff you can buy at your level for a lot less). This sort of stuff has put many off the vortex because the stuff you wanted v the stuff you didn’t want was weighed mightily against your favour and had been for a long while. For the last few months though, the vortex has been brilliant! You’ve had more or less a 50% chance of coming away with a mech or vortex only equipment. It’s what the vortex should have been from the start!  But then, as usual, a few little tweaks came in, day by day the percentages changed. So what am I left with for my chances….

1) I have only a 13% chance of a mech! It’s not bad but it’s not it’s best! Only 2 weeks ago there was a 17% chance of getting a mech! So a slight drop there. My recommendations to the powers that be are…

a) Raise this back up a little by putting the mech chance up to 4% for the buyable mechs.

 b) Keep them as they are but, rather than the usual Guardian and Cavailier mechs, replace these with the Redeemer and Warden and give a 2% chance of getting either. That’ll take it back up to the 16% chance of getting a mech and also add a bit of interest as almost everyone has a Cavailier or Guardian. Only a few have the other 2 multiverse only mechs!

2) I have a 32% chance of Vortex only equipment! That’s better than my last report but I’ve seen this as high as 42% during the recent birthday celebrations. So why the reduction in percentage chance? Well back then the weapons were only a 4% chance each…now they have a 5% chance. That’s where it’s gone! That 10% extra chance of vortex equipment has now moved over to a chance of a weapon.

My advice…change this back as that 42% chance had me spending in the vortex, the 32% chance has me holding onto my niodes.

3) I have a massive 50% chance of getting a weapon! That just doesn’t sit well with me, not at all! I can easily buy the first 4 weapons, the Amarok has been available since Level 118. It’s not until I get to the Cherufe (buyable at level 134) that I start to get weapons that are not buyable at my level! yes these weapons may be worth the extra cost, but i’m so full of niode weapons it’s not something I need right now. Why put a weapon in the vortex that is buyable? Lets look at it this way….

The Amarok is available at level 118. It costs 48 Niodes. You can buy in bulk (5x Amarok for 192 Niodes). Add in a sale and you’re looking to take 20-25% off. A good sale and you’re paying around 150 Niodes for 5 Amaroks.

 If you pull one of these in the current vortex then it’s costing you 55 Niodes if you’re paying for a triple pull, 60 Niodes for a single pull. That’s where the maths just don’t add up for me!

4) Then there’s the 6% chance of buyable junk like Krampus Hydraulics and Centari Core. The Krampus are only 35 Niodes in the current sale! The Centari is 57 Niodes but in a sale they always drop to around 47-48 Niodes.

 So…The Mystery vortex isn’t giving you the best value right now. you have a 56% chance of getting  a buyable piece of equipment or a weapon! Meaning you have a good chance that 2 out of your 3 vortex pulls are likely to be stuff you just don’t want as if you did, you can buy it cheaper. Back at the Birthday Bash the chance was reversed with a 2 out of 3 chance of getting Vortex Equipment or a Mech.

 In conclusion, I’m hanging onto my niodes for now, the percentages are not in my favor!

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