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MBWTBB: The Advancment of Technology – Med Bots & Reflect & Rebound By Spike Shepard ID #846030

illustration (3d render) of fantasy mechanical warriors

 It’s been confusing times for many pilots recently……

Refract, Reflect, Med Bots? What is all this Jibberish and what can we make of it? Do most pilots even understand the recent advancements brought to us by the technomancer?

 It’s my opinion that many pilots are lost when it comes down recent technological advancements and I can’t blame them. Reports have flown about many news channels and publications that this does that while on another channel this does this bit not that!

Confusing right?

 I have written various articles that have covered these advancements, how they work and what they mean but it seems many a pilot is still lost or hasn’t read the article in question. So, it’s time for me to cover these advancements one by one in this article, so we all understand exactly what we’re equipping our mechs with.

 Here goes…..

1) Med Bots! The best way to explain Med Bots are to liken them to Auto Repair BUT as Auto Repair that also repairs your other Mecha. Let me explain with examples…

In the diagram below are 3 mechs in a row …




 For this example I’ll equip all 3 mechs with ……

Medusa Eye (85-90 Tons) (Vortex Only)

Speed +17
Med Bot (3)
Auto Repair (3)
Freeze 30%

Why? Well it has Auto Repair & Med Bot so I can give the best detailed example using this piece of vortex equipment. Plus I’m ignoring any built in auto repair on the mechs. For this example I will only be using the Medusa Eye.

Round 1

The Ignis is hit and takes damage. But this round the only mech that takes damage is the ignis. Here the Auto Repair (3) of the Ignis kicks in and starts repairs. The Med Bots on the Ignis and the Rigis also register the damage so they start repairs on the Ignis. This round the Ignis heals 9 Damage. This is made up of 3 Auto Repair on the Ignis and the Med Bots (3) each on the Ignis and the Regis. The Med Bots on the Aspis do not repiar the Ignis because they only work on the Mecha that is directly NEXT to the Mech with the Med Bots installed.

Round 2

This Round the Regis takes damage. Also the Ignis still has damage from the last round of combat. So, firstly both the Auto Repair on the Ignis and the Regis repair each mech repairing 3 damage each. The Med Bots on the Ignis switch their healing to the Regis to heal the Regis for 3 points. Why? Med Bots are programmed to repair other Mechs in the field first. They will only repair the mechs they are equipped on once the mechs either side are both fully repaired. The Med bots on the Regis continue to repair the Ignis for 3 points because even though the Regis is damaged….yes…..the Med Bots always repair other mecha first. So what do you think the Med Bots on the Aspis do? Simple…the Regis next the the Aspis is damaged so the Med Bots on the Aspis activate and repair the Regis for 3 points.

So this round the Ignis repairs 6 points of damage (Auto Repair (3) & Med Bot (3) from Regis). The Regis repairs 9 points of damage (Auto Repair (3) &  Med Bot (6) – 3 from the Ignis and 3 from the Aspis).

Round 3

This round the Aspis takes damage but the Ignis and Regis are both still damaged. So, what happens here? Well, the same as Round 2 happens here for both the Regis and Ignis. The Med Bots continue to repair the Regis and Ignis. The Med bots on the Regis continue to repair the Ignis as it is still damaged! They do not switch to the Aspis because of this! So for this round the only repair available to the Aspis is it’s own Auto Repair.

So this round the Ignis repairs 6 points of damage (Auto Repair (3) & Med Bot (3) from Regis). The Regis repairs 9 points of damage (Auto Repair (3) &  Med Bot (6) – 3 from the Ignis and 3 from the Aspis). The Aspis repairs 3 points of Damage (Auto Repair (3))

Round 4

This round the Ignis and the Aspis are still Damaged but the Regis is fully repaired and has taken no further damage. So, a few changes here….

1) Just like in round 1, the Ignis will repair 9 damage as it’s own Auto Repair (3) and the Med Bot (3) from the Regis are still active. The further 3 points repaired are from it’s own Med Bot (3) as they return from repairing the Regis.

2) With the Regis fully repaired the Med Bot (3) returns to the Aspis and starts repairing the Aspis. So this round the Aspis repairs 6 points of damage – Auto Repair (3) & Med Bot (3).

And That’s the basics of the Med Bot! It’s just like Auto Repair BUT it will heal any damaged mech next to the mech it is equipped on (if said mech is damaged) before it will heal the mech it is equipped upon.

Great! Hopefully that’s cleared up the confusion surrounding Med Bots. Now for the even more confusing clear up of Reflect vs Rebound…..

 Here it’s confusing and even I’ve had to flick back to my article I wrote a few months back. But to save you guys fumbling about in the Galaxy Gathering archives (you should anyway as some really good stuff is in there) I’ll cover it below in a slightly more compact version….

1) Reflect – A reflect shield will simply reflect damage away from the target. What this means is that if you’re hit, and your reflect shield kicks in, rather than take any damage the ‘Reflect’ kicks in and, if successful, all damage is reflected away from you. Not a percentage of damage, no, the whole thing. It’s just like the attack missed you. So as explained in my article ‘Is the Tick a Turkey’ …. the Tick has a 38% chance of reflect when it reaches it’s maximum level. So if you have a Tick and it takes a hit there is a 38% chance that the hit REFLECTS off somewhere into space!


2) Rebound – Rebound shielding will deflect a percentage of the damage you receive back onto the attacker. So, say you take 1000 damage and your rebound shielding is 5%. Then your attacker will take 50 damage. If it’s 100 damage and your rebound shielding is 5% then your attacker will take 5 damage. With this though your attackers shielding does not stop this rebound damage. It’s almost as if the rebound shield causes the weapon to ‘blowback’ dealing the damage directly to the internal mecha system of the attacker. It’s similar to ‘Kickback’ that you’ll find on a Namtar….and yes, this happens on every attack that hits!

 BUT it only reflects damage!!! not effects like crit-kill, freeze, burn or any other effect said attack may deliver to you.


 Great! you now all understand Med Bot & Reflect & Rebound! I’m proud of you all! One last piece of advice….copy this article to your console / computer/ tablet / whatever you use! That way, whenever your stuck it’s there for you to re-read! Thank me with a drink sometime if you ever catch me in Cogwerk Port!

 Anyhoo….It’s TTFN and a reminder to stay tuned to the Galaxy Gathering for everything you need when it comes to Mecha Galaxy!

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