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Clan Wars 3353 -Questioning The Competition By Spike Shepard ID #846030

Yesterday George Warren posted the question…

‘Really, REALLY hoping the competition in D2 gets better that this first round, this is ridiculous.’

 So, before I make any comment on this we need to explore the basics of the Mecha Galaxy Universe. I’ll do this in points so it’s easy to follow plus it’ll help with my summary at the end of the article.

So lets explore these basics….

1) George Warren is like many top players. They’re ‘coiners’ which is a broad term for those who spend money on the game. This allows them to buy the best niode mechs, equipment and weapons. That doesn’t cover everything though… I know coiners who I walk through and they get annoyed about this. Niodes alone don’t make you tough….but they get you halfway there. The rest is a deep knowledge and understanding of how to build a mech properly and maximise what YOU want out of your mech. This is something i’m pretty decent at and you will find my builds only on the Galaxy Gathering. But if you want me to do a build on something I haven’t covered just drop me a message.

2) With point one in mind we look at the cost of building a Niode mech with niode equipment and weapons at my level of 131. And I’ll take the Boreas as an example…

Boreas – 120 Niodes

Equipment – Here you have 25 Slots for cockpit, chassis, engine & shields. This will easily set you back 1000+ Niodes

Weapons – At my level of 131 I have 53 weapon slots. Even buying in lots of 5 you’re looking at 2000+ Niodes for 53 Niode Weapons.

Even using sales, clan wars, KOTM’s, etc for some of the above you are still looking at averaging 2000 niodes.

I haven’t even taken into account the Niodes to level the Boreas up to level 131.

Full price – 400+ Niodes

Upgrade Sale – 250+ Niodes

Using upgrade kits…free but it’ll take you 4 months….

So, even using the cheapest route you’re looking at 4 months and 1500 – 2000 Niodes for just 1 Boreas.

I have 33 Mech slots in my formation so even at the cheap rate it’ll take me 8+ Years and 45,000+ Niodes to get to my level with 33 Niode Mechs.

I want to power up there ASAP! I could do this in a Month BUT then you’re looking at 100,000+ Niodes just to get to my level with all niode mechs, equipment and weapons.

I don’t even want to work out how many thousand $$$$ I’d need to drop.

3) As in any game you have the serious players and the fun players. The front runners and the ones who just run. It’s the way things are in life and you have to accept that everyone is different and everyone has their own style of play…..and their own budget. So some will run all crystal formations because they simply can’t afford it, their playing for fun, etc,etc

 4) The issue here is that when issues arise blame is placed. The free players blame the coiners for taking everything that’s niode prize wise. They scream for a crystal only formation,etc,etc but these pleas are ridiculous as you can’t blame the coiners…without us there is no game because Chef et all can’t afford to run the game for nothing! There are costs and expenses and we, the coiners cover them. So the playing foeld will always be in our favour because the best stuff costs Niodes and we’re the ones buying.

 The other way blame often gets placed is to point a finger at Chef! Sometimes this is founded because instead of solving an ongoing problem in game we get some silly promotion that not only has it’s own issues, it is affected by the issue that aren’t yet fixed. At these times Chef has to take it on the chin and realize that this time the onus was put on the wrong priority. We just want the game to run smoothly and for most of us that is enough.

 The thing that did surprise me today was when George Warren complained about the lack of competition. What? A high level coiner complaining that the competition isn’t up to scratch…really?

 I took it as a joke knowing it’s the sort of thing that I’ve heard others say before and I believe George made this in jest. The thing was that many took offense at this comment and various points were made. Did George poke the bear? Is there an underlying current amongst players who saw this as no joke but more a mockery of those who simply can’t afford the lifestyle of the coiners?

 First lets look at some of the replies George has received….

Christine Mainer –  Don’t know what your whining about since teams like yours have created the disparity between teams. You are creating the gap by spending and only being on teams that will win gold

Colin Toenjes – hey George, honest question: How many times have you won one of the prizes (above the base of 50) in one of the monthly rent parties? I can literally count the number of times one of the players in my entire *family* of clans have won one of those prizes on one hand and have multiple fingers left over. You say “Do we spend? Sure.” I would suspect what you consider to be a “little bit of spending” will exceed what the members of many of the other clans are able to do combined.

I find a level of irony in the concept that “I’ve paid to win, now why is no one competitive with me?”

Leeboy Wegenast – the only thing I can see is that the strong players all split up and thus make everyone weak

Hmmmm, a fair range of comments here. Christine has a fair point that there is a disparity between the have and have nots. Yes there is a gap but the only way that’s going to close is if everyone spends and that is not going to happen. So, unless George decides to sell everything niode he’s going to struggle for competition. You can’t buy and expect everyone else to do the same. Yes the coiners will win gold over the free players, it’s a fact that the coiners keep the game running.

 Onto Colin…It’s something I do agree with on the ‘Rent Party’. I’ve been on MG for a few years now. Entered every rent party. have often bought Niodes and not just the $1 for one entry. But, like my old clan Heroes and many others, there’s a big ZERO in the rent party lottery win column. Everytime only 50 niodes! Now considering that’s now over 70 Draws, somewhere along this prize draw I should have got something at least once. 350 Winners+ in the time I’ve been on MG and I’ve seen some pilots win numerous times whilst others don’t get a sniff. When the prizes are 5000 niodes and then some on the double rent party pay outs you can see how the first place winners can suddenly buy and fully equip 3-4 Niode mechs depending on level.

 Plus he hits on the point of “I’ve paid to win, now why is no one competitive with me?” It’s a point that didn’t really need to be raised…even jokingly. On the other hand some people have taken offense at the comment a little too easily. They should have just laughed like I did and moved on to the next ****post.

 Onto Leeboy… again, splitting up the coiners and the free players won’t work. Maybe a one off might be fun but overall you’re once again wanting to punish the coiners. There are other suggestions of raising a clan a level if they win gold which will never work because that clan will close, the clan will shift a few people around and hey presto a new clan is born. There’s also mention of sorting players by level – again I can beat pilots 100 levels higher myself…please, it won”t work.

 So, what is the answer in all this?

 Well, it’s simpler than you think! We simply leave things just as they are. Chef has no way to control players or clans. Any restrictions will lose players forcing the game to eventually  collapse. On the other hand though the free players want something that they can do where they are not up against us coiners all the time. How does Chef do this? It’s anyone’s guess! My idea…you run 2 simultaneous competitions. Competition 1 has all niode prizes but you have to pay Niodes to enter. Competition 2 is free to enter and has all crystal prizes. 1 rule…you can only be in one of the competitions…not both. That way the coiners will chase the niodes…the free players will chase the crystals. If the free players are worried that the coiners will jump in then you hit them with the rules that in the crystal competition it’s only crystal mechs, crystal equipment and crystal weapons. Whereas in the Niode competition anything goes. Fair, yes? Nice level playeing field for the free players and if the coiners turn up they don’t have any advantage!

 What you expected my usual full blown revolutionary speech? What can I say….I’m level 131, I spend and write for the Galaxy Gathering to get extra Niodes. Even with all this i’m still trying to find the niodes each level just to level what I have let alone buy levels, weapons and equipment for the Niode mechs still stuck in my hanger and my back row of 3 mechs! Ok, it was a bad joke and it didn’t go down well but it has raised certain questions so I put this out there to all of you…

 I challenge every single pilot to write an article. Pour out your frustrations, your ideas, your everything. If you can’t fit it into one article then write a series of articles. Then when you do this get in touch with Kenneth Hicks or David McCallum at Galaxy Gathering! Get in touch with Sten at ANN (but not both at the same time). If you get printed then you get paid 15/30/60 niodes depending on your article and it’s length. Then you use those Niodes and improve. It’s what I do and have done for the last few years. It’s been slow but over the last 18 months I’ve finally starting racking up KOTM golds and have won 39 so far! It’s taken me 6 years or so to get to this point but I prove that you can compete if you put a little of yourself into the game.

 As for George, he’s not the first pilot to drop a bad joke or make a remark that upsets someone or several pilots. You’ve seen my war of words over the years with various pilots, it’s part and parcel of the game. At least I beat all of you with the longest ban to date from the player forum 😉 (thanks for letting me back in!)

 With that in mind I bid you all the usual TTFN and the usual catch me again in the Galaxy Gathering. Oh, and I do look forward to seeing everyone of you write an article! Maybe, just maybe it’ll turn a few of you into writers like myself…

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