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A Remembrance By Brian Vaughan ID #56278

There are a few moments in the hard, often short-lived, life of a mecha pilot that brings a sense of accomplishment. If one lives long enough the splendor of those moments can be lost in the day to day adrenaline rushes of combat, victory, and defeat.

My first Clan War gold came in 3303 which based on some historian far more skilled than my memory was likely with the old Bacon Addicts (RND) faction. I cannot remember that event, nor any clan war beyond the last one or two.

I do not remember my first gold medal victory in the KOTM, my records tell me it was in June of 3236 for Laser Lights. I couldn’t even tell you if that was laser only, or light laser mechs or some other option that eludes a brain-damaged by hard impacts and over-zealous ingestion of the “event approved” but medically questionable Hatorades. Either way the point being…well I seem to have lost the point.

Oh wait, now I remember…gold. The gold medals are pretty to wear on the dress uniform for those special intergalactic festivities or formal events. Always seemed stupid to me to put this war-torn, scarred, ugly mug into those neatly pressed stiff uniforms with their fancy cuffs and ludicrously tight collars. I suppose every one of us feels the same. You can always tell the new pilots, all smiles with their young faces devoid of more than one or two scars which they won’t shut the hell up about. Frack me, I really need to lay off the Hatorades.

Gold medals are great but for me, it has always been about the Nephilax mechs. Those bright gold machines of the elite have brought me more pride and joy than any other element of my combat history. So I wanted to commemorate this particular gold win in the Triple Rainbow Chrono of 3352. A special one to me. Although I am not anywhere close to being the first to achieve it, this 50thNephilax sitting newly delivered in my hanger brings a sense of pride and accomplishment I will likely not feel again for many years should fate grant me such.

It is more than a machine. It represents hundreds of battles fought and warriors faced. Moments of nerve-racking final second assaults more lost than won but still the glory is in the battle and those hard-fought wins taste so much sweeter, don’t they? It is an honor to the clans I have fought with and against, the lessons of my comrades that were a little easier on the body than the lessons of my enemies. Therefore I want to salute every warrior out there who challenged me in victory and defeat. If it were not for the caliber and excellence of your skill this 50th KOTM victory would not have the same deep-felt accomplishment.

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