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The Argument For Camping By Daniel Chung ID #323564

First of all, why not? Is it illegal in the game t&c? So far as I know, there has never been any legality issues to camping or any other playing strategy.

Different people have different approach to how they play the game. Some are casual players, some plays daily, and some are hardcore fanatics who would require therapy if mg is down for 1 day. You have casual login-once-a-few-days style, you have those that are termed coiners (this here deserves a special shout out, salute to you guys for you help keep the game running), you have those who (especially those who are already on top) blitzing through even higher levels levels, you have campers, and so on. There’s a variety of styles to be employed and this is what makes mg an interesting and dynamic game.

So why is campers so hated? Lets consider the arguments against camping: They hog all the top spots and all the nice weapons/equipment goodies. They block newbies from their prizes/ advancing in the game. They gets overpowered and crush low level players. Fair points but is it valid?

Now this is where many ppl didn’t think the OTHER way round; even if there are no campers, what makes you think YOU can get the prize and not the other 328758794897 newbies/low level players fighting at the same time, or some other players with blessed thick wallets who pump in $$$ to get a head start? But yeah, after years of playing many different games, I’ve come to a simple conclusion: Some ppl just want to win and incapable to accept otherwise. It is fair only if they win. If they can’t win, then its campers fault, coiners fault, game mechanics fault, everybody’s fault except their inability to play good. Such ppl would complain even if everybody fights with 1 ant with 1 same laser gun and 1 same cockpit/chassis/engine/shield- if they lose.

Too many ppl made the mistake thinking they join the game, and start blasting their way heroically to the top. And when they get crushed (either by campers, coiners or other more experienced players), they made the 2nd (and often fatal) mistake, they thought to level up and beat strength with levels. And thus you end up with an underpowered account, who can configure an ignis to death even with fire weapons & equipments, limited resources, who leveled up past what he can sustain himself, and facing even more powerful players at the higher level range. Some continued to slog on, hoping to salvage the account by putting in $$$ or slowly growing and accumulating strength, some quit the game, and some blame campers, coiners, the game mechanics, everything but themselves. Look, newbies CAN’T hope to win against experienced, entrenched or $$$ players. Such is the way games work throughout the world. So play smart, level only when you can afford to, spend some $$$, or if you can’t afford to spend, then use the next available resources, time. It took me like 4-5 kotm to get my first ever galaxy eye, an awesome precious weapon in those days when everything else I had was crystal (heck some of the stuff I had was not even crystal but only ferrite/biops). And it took me years just to come to where I am today at lvl 85. Rather than complaining, better to use the effort to better your mechs. Outcamp the camper (can be done, trust me, I know what I’m talking here 😁) or outcoin the coiner!

Next, crushing lower level players? Sure I won’t deny the unbalanced might, the merciless destruction, on a weaker opponent’s lines with raw unadulterated power. Sure its fun at first, but after a while it becomes boring. Like, where’s the challenge? I tell you, the real fun is fighting *above* your range. 10, 20, even 30-40 level above. Crush THEM instead. THAT is more fun and satisfying I tell you muaahahahahaaaaa!

So yes, I am a proud camper and proud to be labeled as one (player ID: 323564, now go blast your disagreement muaahahahahaaa), I play this game for fun and, and play the way I like, not the way OTHER ppl like. Now I dearly wished I can contribute real $$$ to support the game but putting food on the table takes higher priority. So what can I put in to ensure I stay abreast of the game and enjoy all its features? Time. And I’ll shout this out in defiance to all who complains about campers:-

Why should I be dictated by how other ppl wants ME to play MY game? Why can’t I play the game the way *I* want? As long as it is NOT illegal, then you have NO right to tell me how to play my game. So onwards fellow campers! Camp away and camp with pride, let no xp in and level up only by being dragged kicking and screaming towards it!

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