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Mech Building With The Big Boys: The Regis – Updated By Spike Shepard ID #846030

My first Regis build was on May 15th 2018 on the one and only Galaxy Gathering. It was a killer build but with so much new equipment over the last 18 months it’s probably time to re-examine the Regis. I put a posting out in MG players and a request to do a rebuild has been received from Patrick Willis! Great! Lets see what I did then and what I can do now!

Back in May of 2018 I went for…….
6 x Haptic Interface
5 x Muon Junction & 1 x Torsion Helix
3 x Reverse Rotary & 2 x Dark Matter Converter
1 each of x Caudata Delta, Savu Delta, Thiokol Delta, Algid Delta
That was when I was level 110….I’m level 130 now so I’m going to take the Regis build at it’s maximum build level of 154!

Lets explore the Regis below…
The Regis…

Ferrite: 18000
Bioptics: 16000
Niodes: 135
Minimum Level: 79
Minimum Heavy/Piloting Skill: 45
Tonnage: 90
At  Level 154 we have these Mech Bonuses: (Without Equipment)
Fork 20%
Wide Fork 8%
Crit-Kill 10%
Trample 10%
2X Damage 10%
3X Damage 18%
Precision (5)
Dodge (2)
Laser Damage + 54%
Proj. Damage + 15%
Speed + 2
Auto Repair (5)
Laser Shield 25%
Trample Shield 40%

I also have these equipment slots…

7 x Cockpit slots
6 x Chassis Slots
6 x Engine Slots
4 x Shield Slots

First lets cover cockpit slots…

Yeah, I went for ….
 ‘Haptic Interface’
Precision (13)
Crit-Kill 2%
Trample 3%

 In my first build, it was the best at that time. Now though we have much better…..

‘Predator Targeting’ (55 Niodes)
Crit-Kill 4%
Precision (12)
Laser Damage + 3%
It’s simple…7 Predator Targetting will add…..
Crit Kill 28% (that’s double the Haptic Crit Kill)
Precision (84)
Laser Damage + 21%

Add in that 10% Built in Crit Kill and you’re already on a Crit Kill of 38%! That’s better than a 1 in 3 chance! Plus that laser damage isn’t a bad thing either, you now have +75% Laser Damage. Plus your precision is already (89).

 Onto the Chassis …

‘Muon Junction’ x 5
Fork 6%
Dodge (10)
Freeze 6%
‘Torsion Helix’ x 1
Dodge (19)
Precision (1)
Missile Vulnerable 13%
Laser Vulnerable 2%

 Funny to think this was the best we had for 90 Tonners only a year and a half ago!

Now we have….
‘Shielded Sensors’ (50 Niodes)
Dodge (16)
Proj. Damage + 5%
Wide Fork Shield 25%
Fork Shield 25%
Shield (12)

Take out 3 Muon Junctions and add in 3 of these and you give yourself a dodge (89) Shield (36) and 50% Shielding versus Fork and Wide Fork.

Combined these 6 Chassis will give you…
Dodge (87)
Proj. Damage + 15%
Wide Fork Shield 50%
Fork Shield 50%
Shield (36)
Precision (1)
Missile Vulnerable 13%
Laser Vulnerable 2%
Fork 12%
Freeze 12%

Yeah, pretty sweet dodge and some good secondary shielding in there too. You could just go all out with 6 x Shielded sensors and completely ignore fork and wide fork damage whilst adding a sweet shield (72) and dodge (96).

For me though I have some ‘Spikes’ in there that are Vortex Only!!!!!!!!
Dodge (18)
Trample Shield 35%
Wide Fork Shield 40%
Fork Shield 35%
They are just like shielded sensors BUT add in a Trample Shield AND Crit Kill 3%

 If you don’t have spikes you can’t go wrong with 6 Shielded Sensors to give your Regis a massive defensive edge!

Onto The Engine…

I can’t believe I put in….

‘Dark Matter Converter’
Speed + 5
Auto Repair (3)
Fire Vulnerable 4%
3X Damage 3%
‘Reverse Rotary’
Speed + 8
Fork 6%
3X Damage 3%
Missile Vulnerable 3%

Initially my Regis was a dumping ground with me shoving in what ever I had in my hanger….we live and learn! Now though we have…..

‘Quantum Bus’ (58 Niodes)
Speed + 13
Med-Bot (2)
Laser Damage + 6%
Rebound 1%
‘Acer Engine’ ( 55 Niodes)
Speed + 11
Auto Repair (1)
Fire Damage + 5%
Laser Damage + 7%
Precision (2)
‘Field Array Propulsion’ (55 Niodes)
Speed + 12
2X Damage 5%
Precision (1)
Auto Repair (1)

The reason I mention these 3 is for two reasons…

1) You still need some precision. Your precision is 89 if you didn’t take the torsion helix, 90 if you did. So you need 5-6 more precision to get you into the optimal zone.

2) Once you’ve hit your optimal precision with the Acer or the Field Array you’ll have an auto repair of 9-10! Sweet! So maybe it’s time to consider the Quantum bus….why? well…

a) You get an extra point or 2 of speed

b) you boost your laser damage

c) most importantly you get med bots! What are Med Bots? Well, if you missed my earlier posts med bots repair the mechs next to you first. If the mechs either side of you are fine then they become auto repair bots repairing the mech they are on instead. They’re great!

You could equip 3 x Acer Engines and 3 x Quantum Bus! You could equip 2 x Acer Engine, 2 x Quantum Bus and 2 x Field Array Propulsion. It really is up to you and will depend on what sort of precision you need plus what sort of auto repair / med bot you want to equip.

What did I do? Well I have dipped into the vortex a fair bit and both my Regis carry…

Medusa Eye (Vortex Only)
Speed +17
Med Bot (3)
Auto Repair (3)
Freeze 30%

They’re brilliant. With These also on my Ignis and other mechs (yes I spend a lot in the Vortex) I’ve got my Regis repairing 20 damage every time! So if you can get these they would be in place of a Quantum Bus.

Shielding Slots…

Crystal shielding is RUBBISH! End of…….

So for your 4 shield slots you want to add shielding to cover what you don’t have already!

 You have Laser Shielding and Trample Shielding Built in. You have Fork and Wide Fork shielding covered from your Shielded Sensors. So you’re looking to cover Splash, Ice, Fire, Missile and Projectile damage.

What would I go for?

Glacies Delta
Ice Shield 25%
Laser Shield 13%
Fire Vulnerable 8%
Shield (27)
Speed + 3

Caudata Delta
Fire Shield 38%
Proj. Vulnerable 9%
Shield (29)
Speed +2

Savu Delta
Splash Shield 37%
Wide Fork Shield 26%
Proj. Shield 22%
Laser Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)
Speed +3

Burilmoq Delta
Splash Shield 37%
Trample Shield 26%
Missile Shield 22%
Ice Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)
Speed + 2

Here you have 4 shields that not only cover the 5 I’ve listed (you’ll have Splash & Trample Shields well over 50%) But you pick up +10 to speed which will push your speed well over the 90 mark depending on your engine choices.


Your bonus is + 75% Laser damage with just your built in and cockpits. Depending on what else you put in this could go well above +100% so I struggle to understand why I see pilots putting Ice weapons with massive Crit Kill on their Regis! Yes the Regis I build Is a Crit Kill beast BUT there are plenty of Crit Kill laser weapons out there like….

Cherenkov Ray – Laser (Niode Weapon)
Damage -115
Speed -102
Crit Kill 19%

Blue Dragon – Laser (Niode Weapon)
Damage -125
Speed -104
Crit Kill 19%

To name just 2 laser weapons that are more than capable of pushing your crit kill well past the 50% mark! You have 38% Crit Kill with your built in 10% & Predator Targetting Cockpits. These 2 weapons will give you 57% chance of crit kill. That means that your almost at the level where you’re going to get a Crit Kill for 2 out of every 3 shots! If you have some ‘Spikes’ like I do then you are looking at 2 out of every 3 once my final cockpit slot kicks in at level 154. Remember, it doesn’t matter of your opponent has 5000 armour points and huge shielding! A Crit Kill is a Crit Kill!

 Not just this BUT with over 100% Laser Damage & 2x & 3x Multipliers there’s a good chance that even on your non-Crit Kill shot you’re going to hit big!

 Anyhoo, you get the Idea! Turn your Regis into a Fast and Powerful Crit Kill Mech!

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