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Mech Building With The Big Boys: Old Vs New By Spike Shepard ID #846030

A while back I wrote about whether bigger was better. The 110 tonners had just arrived and though we all gawped at their size I hadn’t been convinced that they were the best option as the 105 tonners were still struggling for decent equipment.

 Roll on a few MG years and the 105 and 110 tonners are now the main stay of any formation topping 150 tons. The equipment was sorted by either adapting old or creating new. There’s still a few issues here are there but overall the big mechs are looking more like the mechs we were promised.

 One hidden reason for this is MG mechanics. That hidden universal code used by the powers that be to run every mech on the Universe. It’s been in flux, ever changing! I have pointed this out a few times only to be shot down by a few higher level pilots who continued to state the constant……

 Well, I’m not one to say I told you so but the majority of the Mechaverse have finally stated to notice the changes I pointed out a while back. Yeah you need a precision of 95-96! Yes dodge is no longer the 75-76% you grew accustomed to! A dodge in the 90’s does help!

 The reason it took a while to filter to the top players is that you guys are all level 150+, most are level 200+. You all use the big mechs of 95+ Tons. The reason I noticed is that I was level 120 and my front line was 2x Frigis,2x Dreadnoughts and a Torrent. The point here being that the changes happening on the coding level were hitting mechs of lower tonnage, not the BMF’s! Every mech software update seemed to be of more benefit to my heavier mechs that to my smaller mechs.

 I noticed overnight how my Dreadnought couldn’t hit a barn door at 10 paces and got slaughtered by the first shot from a 100 tonner. My front line could no longer hold their own. Yes my front line was fast but with precision and dodge at 70 or under they were target practice for my opponent.

 I tried to stick with them even though Phillip Power, a previous clan mate, said that heavier tonnage was the future, I wanted to prove him wrong because I’d had these mechs for over 4 earth years. I was was attached and that sentimentality was going to get me beaten down next clan war.

 I remember clan wars 3345 well for this exact reason. The Brotherhood Blackwatch v Heroes, battle round 1. You can find this post on the Galaxy Gathering site for the full story but the moral of this story was that I got to battle my old Heroes clan (still have so much respect for these guys). The big turning point was that David McCallum took on my double rainbow and won. We were down to our last mech each and he managed to pull off the shot to edge it for the win. But that wasn’t it….it was the fact was that my front line collapsed while barely getting a shot off!

 It was then that, after a conversation with Kenneth Hicks, I decided to revamp my front line. New equipment, new builds. My dodge went up, my precision crawled up to the high 70’s. Things were looking up BUT come next clan war my front line still struggled. They should have kicked metal ass but instead they simply lasted a little longer…..The problem was that no matter how I improved them they simply held less weapons that the bigger mechs. The bigger mechs were still gaining level bonuses up to level 200 and beyond, my 80 and 85 tonners were done by level 110.

 Nostalgia is great but not when your line-up is compromised and I took the plunge to scrap  my whole front line moving my second row forward. The results were immediate. Come the next war my front line walked through 90% of the opposition. With this result I sold my whole front row and sunk my niodes into my up and coming 105 tonners.

 That was that until Shane Walker posted about how bad some mechs had become and how some niode mechs were now worse than crystal mechs. He wanted a revamp, others want a revamp, I want….things to stay exactly where they are heading!

 I can hear the voices disagreeing here. But too many pilots have rested their laurels on having 17 Boreas  and 12 Regis, etc. They expected to rule the Clan  Wars and KOTM’s for years to come. But now they can’t! The Mecha Galaxy is moving onwards and upwards! You gotta move with the times or be left behind! Sorry…too much company paraphernalia lying around!

 But you all get the picture. Companies don’t waste time revamping old models to keep pace with the competition. They release newer shiney mechs with all the trimmings….and that is what we must do as pilots. We must embrace the change and keep aiming for bigger and better. Every mech has it’s day and, at some point, even the Boreas is going to be gathering dust in your hanger. As a pilot you have to accept this and more with the times, otherwise you are going to be left behind like I almost was.

 Anyhoo it’s TTFN but with Clan Wars 3352 on the horizon you can guarantee that we an the Galaxy Gathering will be there to keep you in the battle.

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  1. Ben Rail on October 21, 2019 at 2:47 am

    Another interesting post ;). Not sure whether I count as the old guard but after Shane asked me a few pertinent questions I did revisit Dodge / Precision and indeed discovered the limits had been raised, exactly when I don’t know but certainly more than 4 months ago. This does mean the bigger mechs > 95T tend to gain a bigger advantage if you have the equipment to push your values higher, but certainly at my level I can still get the Boreas pretty close to where they need to be + I have 12 of them all levelled above 400, There’s no way I can simply dump them and start again with a new fleet of 100+ T mechs, it’s simply not cost / time effective. As a low level player I would certainly look to jump towards the 105/110T mechs but that wasn’t an option when I was building my force. Specialisms are an important (and to me at least interesting) part of the game it does allow players with limited / no funds to still compete against the better funded players especially now kotm events aren’t so XP heavy when winning medals. The more ALL mechs offer upgradeability the better the game can become (IMHO). So I support Shane’s call for upgrades on older / lighter mechs and while we’re at it lets have some new crystal weapons for higher level players…. 250,300,350,400,450

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