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Mech Building With The Big Boys: Affording The Changes By Spike Shepard ID #846030

In my last post I looked at older mechs v newer mechs and how the changes in the game programming have affected a lot of older mechs making them redundant unless you run a specialist formation.

 As a heads up this was my reply to a posting asking about the possible maximums for Precision and Dodge….

 ‘I’ve done testing….I got highest precision around 95-96, Dodge to around the same number. It’s all in my galaxy gathering post.’

 The fact it gets a like from Ambrose Cogsmith shows I’m definately onto something there. Gone is the old dodge in the 70’s etc.

So, with these changes in mind, the question arises as to how we, the pilots, are going to afford all these new mechs, new equipment, etc,etc to either stay on top of the pile or to keep up with those on top of the pile.

 Well, these are the ways to run your mechs….

1) Stay all crystal! Cheap as you can! Very little to no niode imput! But, with this. your going to struggle to win the wooden spoon let alone a medal. Crystal is the free way to play but you’ll get nothing as there are only a dozen or so decent crystal pieces of equipment.

2) BUY BUY BUY! You heard me, spend a little cash! You can’t expect to play for free and to be a top player. It’s going to take a little bit of cash if you want to be up there with the best. If you’re a free player then you don’t really have a right to complain that ‘Others are tougher than you!’ Of course they are, the best equipment in the Mecha Galaxy costs Niodes!

3) Contribute to the Mecha Galaxy! Yeah, you heard me right. Over the time I’ve been part of the Mecha Galaxy I’ve written for and helped with the Mechanomicon. I currently write for the Galaxy Gathering and that is where you’ll find a wealth of knowledge from myself, Kenneth Hicks, David McCallum et all who have written for us. The pay is decent and I’ve earned a few 1000 niodes over the last few earth years writing.

4) You can watch videos! Notice I say can…well most of us (especially us in the UK) rarely see a niode video. We’ve seen more Christmases than we have niode videos!

5) Ok, if you’re down this far you’re either a regular reader or you’re not inclined for any of the top three as the way for you! hopefully your just an avid reader 😉

 Well, the 4th way to get niodes is to pick up the niodes that are available in game. Some, surprisingly, are free and cost no experience! YAY! Others will get you experience though and if you’re not looking to level then maybe they aren’t for you! Anyway…lets look at the in=game ways of earning a few niodes….

A) Circuit Fights…..

You gain 1 Niode on entry.
You gain 1 additional Niode after winning 2 battles.
You gain 1 additional Niode after winning 8 battles.
You gain 1 additional Niode after winning 22 battles.
Up to 4 Niodes per Circuit.

BUT! this has now got better! You used to just win a crystal weapon for placing 1-5. Now you can win 8 Niodes for 1st, 4 Niodes for 2nd and 2 niodes for placing 3rd – 5th.

 If you win a circuit and have more than 22 battles won you will be looking at 12 Niodes which is a solid return for zero experience.

B) Wave Challenges……

Love a good wave challenge! Yes the level spread is wide and even I miss some of these knowing I don’t have a chance but with niode weapons and niodes on offer for placing in the top 5 places you’d be a fool not to have a try. You get 2 niodes just for beating 8 waves of a mech! Plus there is no experience gain! What is not to love?

C) Missions….

 Missions are fun, every mini boss pays 1-3 niodes and beating the big boss like Tory even gives you a chance of netting yourself a mech or 2. The only downside is that you gain XP and sometimes those mini bosses are few and far between meaning you can gain at lot of XP for very little gain.

D) King Of The Mountain….

A personal favorite. Another that can reward well with a Nephilax and a nice weapon haul if you bring home the gold,,, and all for 1XP if you’re in Divsion 2 or lower! But, hit that bronze medal and you come away with only 1 weapon and up to 1000 XP for Divisions 2 and under. In division 1 you always get XP, but those high level pilots eat XP for breakfast and who am I to question why I just drink Coffee in the morning.

E) Clan Wars / Faction Wars….

Again, you need to win so many battles to qualify for the prizes and you need to be in a clan good enough to take home the gold or silver for the best prizes BUT when there’s 3 Niode Mechs (fully equipped with start weapons), a rare Vizi or Zadok mech, Niode equipment and weapons to boot! Then the experience pick up is usually more than worth the prize haul.

F) Clan Raids……

Personally i’m not a raid fan, too much XP gain for so little guaranteed niode stuff. When your only guarantee is 1 niode weapon and 2 crystal weapons for 1000 XP then you do question whether the effort and XP gain are worth the end result. Yes you occasionally get a niode mech but I’ve found that to be 1 in 10 raids and more most of these raids I’ve had 2 shots because other pilots have no interest in raids because of the aforementioned. So, for me a mech is more 1 in 20 shots and the other 19 shots I’ve won 90% crystal trash I can easily buy if I wanted to….I have almost 100,000 crystal! I’ve seen top pilots with 200,000, 300,000 crystal so why oh why is crystal still a part of the raid? But if your willing to pick up a shed load of XP, who knows how your luck will hold out.

G) There’s always a monthly prize of 30 niodes for 4 circuit medals. It’s nice and you can easily do this. It’s just 4 medals in that month. get 4 golds and you have 48 niodes plus the 30 which makes 78 niodes. A sweet haul for zero experience gain.

 On the other hand you have 30 niodes for winning 4 KOTM’s in a row. Yeah… in a row! Now this isn’t the easiest considering often the competition and the specialities that will suddenly spring up randomly. It’s much harder to earn and will definitely set you up for a decent XP gain as you battle to the top then battle twice as hard to stay there! But it’s not going to cost you cold hard cash so it’s something to consider.

H) The final way to get Niodes is the lottery! I almost forgot this until I won this morning! WOOHOO! 100 niodes for the meagre sum of 12 ferrite or whatever it is now. Yes it’s all luck and chance but I’ve won the lottery some 30 odd times and was one of the first (if not the first) to win back to back lotteries.

 The point of this article is that, with a lot of time and effort, you can pick up free niodes to keep you in the game. But keep one thought in mind….Chef, Ambrose Cogsmith and everyone else who helps to keep MG running smoothly spend a lot of time keeping the game running for us to enjoy. So, if you can afford it drop some coin. The more coin you drop, the more time they can put into the Mecha Galaxy to deliver the experience that we want, the experience that we have come to expect.

 So, until my next article in the Galaxy Gathering, enjoy clan war 3352!

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