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MBWTBB: The 90T Jadoon By Spike Shepard ID# 846030

 I opened a thread in Mecha Galaxy Players and the first sensible request for a mech build was From Matthew Homewood who requested the ‘Jadoon’. Ok, so lets see what I can do with a crystal mech that is a favourite of many a pilot. I’ll take the build at the Jadoon maximum build of level 110 so it has all bonuses and available slots.


Ferrite: 14800
Bioptics: 11200
Crystal: 360
Minimum Level: 71
Minimum Heavy/Piloting Skill: 45
Tonnage: 90

Basic statistics of …

Laser Damage + 57%
Fire Damage + 13%
Speed + 17
Trample 9%
3X Damage 10%
Crit-Kill 5%
Slow (15)
Shield (30)
Missile Vulnerable 10%

Overall slots….

6 x Cockpit
6 x Chassis
6 x Engine
3 x Shield
For these I’ll give you 2 options… best Crystal and best Niode… goes…

Cockpit slots…

‘Sensor Array’ (Crystal)

Precision (10)
Freeze 4%
Laser Damage +5%

A no brainer on the crystal front. They’ll add 60 to precision, give you a 24% chance of freeze and will add +30% to your laser damage taking your laser damage up to 87%.

‘Haptic Interface’ (57 Niodes)

Precision (13)
Crit-Kill 2%
Trample 3%


‘Predator Targeting’ (55 Niodes)

Crit-Kill 4%
Precision (12)
Laser Damage + 3%

Are your best two Niode Cockpits. It’s a simple trade off here though. Haptics will give you precision of 78 + a Crit Kill of 12%! Predator Targetting will give you a precision of 72 but a crit kill of 24% plus 18% to your laser damage. Hmmmm, you need precision, so unless you can get this from somewhere else the haptics just edge it.

Chassis Slots …

‘Trilerian Sprockets’ (Crystal)

Dodge (11)
Fork 2%
Laser Vulnerable 5%

 They have the best dodge out there for crystal giving you a dodge of 66 BUT you’re looking at picking up a Laser vulnerability of 30%!!! With an already built in vulnerability to missiles you don’t want to add in another vulnerability!

 ‘Shielded Sensors’ (50 Niodes)

Dodge (16)
Proj. Damage + 5%
Wide Fork Shield 25%
Fork Shield 25%
Shield (12)


Midori’s Boots (52 Niodes)

Dodge (11)
Precision (4)
Proj. Vulnerable 2%
Laser Damage + 4%
Fire Damage + 8%

Niode wise I’d take 3 x Midori’s Boots & 3 x Shielded Sensors. Why? The shielded sensors add Dodge (16) each but more than that you only have 3 shield slots!!! With the sensors covering Fork and Wide Fork PLUS they give you a shield of (12) each you’re covering your lack of shielding slots.

 The Midori’s boots on the other hand have less dodge BUT give you Precision (4) and laser Damage + 4%. With these you’ll hit your opponent more and hit them a little harder!

Engine Slots…

‘Lantern Engine’ (Crystal)

Speed + 7
2X Damage 5%
Missile Vulnerable 3%

 Your best crystal, decent speed and 2X Damage of 30% BUT do you really want to add another 18% to your missile vulnerability? NO!

‘Acer Engine’ ( 55 Niodes)

Speed + 11
Auto Repair (1)
Fire Damage + 5%
Laser Damage + 7%
Precision (2)


‘Field Array Propulsion’ (55 Niodes)

Speed + 12
2X Damage 5%
Precision (1)
Auto Repair (1)

These are your best two engines by far! But the choice of these depend on 2 factors…..

1) You’re only allowed 20 Acer Engines
2) do you want 2X Damage or Laser Damage +7%?

I ask these for a few good reasons.

1) With 6 Haptics and 3 Midori’s Boots you have Precision (90) you need another (5-6) Precision to be in the optimal zone and both cover this.
2) With only 20 Acer Engines available to buy per pilot these are better used on other mechs (trust me on this)
3) You can have a maximum of 60 Field Array Propulsions….and with only 3X Damage 10% built in another Multiplier is a must for a decent hit.

 Personally I’d use the Field Array Propulsions saving the Acer’s for other mechs.

Shielding Slots…

Only 3 slots here!!! Remember, crystal shielding trash! Always go niode!

  At least you have Shield (30) Built in. Then you have Fork and Wide fork covered by by 3 x Shielded Sensors that also add Shield (36). So we have all 5 types & a vulnerability to missiles to cover PLUS you need some Splash shielding…Oh, and Trample if your Jadoon is not in the front line!

Burilmoq Delta (44 Niodes)

Splash Shield 37%
Trample Shield 26%
Missile Shield 22%
Ice Vulnerable 7%
Shield (24)
Speed + 2

Telum Delta (44 Niodes)

Proj. Shield 25%
Ice Shield 13%
Laser Vulnerable 8%
Shield (27)
Speed + 1

Lumen Delta (44 Niodes)

Laser Shield 25%
Fire Shield 13%
Missile Vulnerable 8%
Shield (27)
Speed + 5

 It’s simple, Everything is covered here! You have prtection against every type of primary and secondary attack plus more sweet shielding! Oh, don’t forget the Speed Boosts!

So…Lets work on my new build getting….

6 x Haptic Interfaces
3 x Midori’s Boots & 3 x Shielded Sensors
6 x Field Array Propulsion
1 x Burlimoq Delta, 1 x Telum Delta, 1 x Lumen Delta,

These will give your Jadoon Stats of…

Laser Damage + 69%
Fire Damage + 37%
Projectile Damage +15%
Precision (96)
Dodge (81)
Speed + 97
Auto Repair (6)
Trample 27%
2X Damage 30%
3X Damage 10%
Crit-Kill 17%
Slow (15)
Shield (144)
Wide Fork Shield 50%
Fork Shield 50%
Splash Shield 37%
Trample Shield 26%
Missile Shield 4%
Projectile Shield 19%
Ice Shield 6%
Laser Vulnerability 17%
Fire Shield 13%

I knew you’d like it! Good Laser Damage, High Precision, Solid Dodge, Crit Kill, 2x & 3x Damage Multipliers, Slow and every single type of primary and secondary attack covered with a shielding of (144). Did I say it was fast? That speed mind…+97!!!!

 You can thank me later for turning a 90Ton Mech into a beast that will hold it’s own on the battlefield.

 Remember, You’ll only find my builds on the Galaxy Gathering so keep those suggested builds coming in! Once again, Thanks to Matthew Homewood for the suggestion! TTFN!

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