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MBWTBB: Clan Wars 3352 – Specialties By Spike Shepard ID #846030

I know i’ve been quiet for a while, real life took over and I’ve been having to deal with a lot of stuff. The worst of it being that my wife had to have emergency surgery on a brain tumor and since then we’re just taking it one day at a time.

 As for my Clanmates, they’ve been a great support and have been there for me through it all. Big shout out to everyone in the Dragon & Blackwatch Clans for their support over this tough time!

¬†So, That’s why I’ve been missing a bit and a few of you have had relatively easy rides in KOTM’s and Wave Challenges! ūüėČ

 Anyhoo, Clan wars 3352 is upon us and with a minimum clan size of 7 but an allowance of 5 specialists things are going to be tight score wise, why? Those that have specialised will rule the war!

For those that don’t or just haven’t put time into a decent speciality, well, you’re going to struggle! I never understand why pilots don’t at least cover the main specialities. What am I talking about in the main specialities? I mean the rainbows, 10 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons.

¬†Personally, since my early SPECTRE days, I was directed towards owning a specialty. By owning I mean having at least one specialty that you know no pilot below you can beat and one that only the elite few above you have a chance against. I looked at the available options at the time and chose a ‘Double Rainbow’. This drew a few comments as at the time I joined the mecha galaxy we only had 80 tons maximum and it left me a little short on firepower to say the least. But I was adamant that I could field a Double Rainbow capable of doing exactly that, owning the opposition.

¬†5 earth years and a few clans later I have a Double Rainbow formation as my main formation that does exactly this! 36 KOTM Golds and 19 Clan Golds later, there are few pilots that can match my Double Rainbow formation. To make a point of this my 36th KOTM Gold was the March 3352 Double Rainbow! But it’s not just double…I’ve won half of my golds in single, double, triple and even quadruple rainbows.

¬†So, the big question I was asked is recently is ‘How do you own a specialty?’

Here, there’s no easy answer. You have to build a specialty and equip the right equipment and weapons. Plus you need to be looking at Niode mechs, with niode equipment and weapons. The few exceptions to this are 10 Ton formations that are red ant only and formations like 35,40 & 45 tons that are best made from prize mechs like the Zadok, Nephilax and Vizi. These prize mechs really are worth their weight in gold and are as good, if not better, than their niode counterparts.

¬†But it’s not just this! Simply owning awesome mechs, awesome equipment and awesome weapons will not make you great at that specialty…NO! You have to keep on top of these specialties, religiously! Every level, every clan war, every KOTM you have to check those weapon slots are filled, check they have the best equipment, etc,etc! I know this sounds like a lot of work…it is!

 Personally I have my main double rainbow which covers double rainbow through to quad rainbow. Then I have 10 ton red ants. Then I have my Single Rainbow…..That’s 5 specs covered there!

¬†Then I have my 35 ton spec. A 40 Ton all Nephilax spec. A 45 Ton Vizi & Nephilax spec which does me all the way up to 60 ton specs (yes the Vizi’s are that good they can own 65 ton crystal formations as they punch well above their weight).¬† These aside I then get into my 630 Ton, 950 Ton, 1200 Ton specs.

¬†I know, there’s a lot of specs but these cover 80% of the specs you’ll find in a clan war and if you want to help your clan win a gold then this is what you need to have in your hanger. It’s easy enough to scout your opponents and prepare these specialties days in advance of the war.

¬†What about the ones I don’t cover? Well, I accept that I’m just not good enough to cover EVERY specialty. I’m not saying I couldn’t pull together a decent 70 ton spec BUT I know pilots like my Galaxy Gathering cohort David McCallum runs a kick ass 70 ton spec that I’d be stupid to run against (yes David…that’s a compliment)…..and that there is another huge part of owning the specialties that you run! Knowing when your specialty is just not good enough to beat someone else’s! I have seen the same pilot run at me 5 times wondering why they can’t beat me as they are twice my level. Once I get, twice I think ‘Really?’ by the third time you’re asking your clan to tie you to a chair and gag you as stupid only goes so far….but it’s not just the odd pilot who does this…NO! There’s certain pilots who run into the same wall every clan war because they just don’t understand that someone else’s specialty can be better than their one and I feel for those clans who have these ‘persistent’ pilots in their clan who do the same old, same old, every war.

¬†The only specs I don’t bother to prepare for are the Ice, Fire, etc specialties. Why? Because the pilots who run these 99% of the time run these specs with their normal main formation. Very few pilots run an ice spec and gear all 30+ of their mechs to Ice weapons only. Mainly because (1) There are only so many ice weapons and (2) It eventually gets to the point where the Ice weapons you can equip, even with that 80% damage boost, still don’t match your Fext that is full of VDB Lasers and Twin Grazers or your Notos fully equipped with Okha’s…choose a real spec that gives your opponent a real decision to make!

 Anyhoo…that’s it from me for now…see you on the Battlefield!

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