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The Importance Of Using Your Back Line Even If It’s Only One Or Two Mechs By 1GoML ID #637975

The importance of using your back line even if it’s only 1 or 2 mechs

Many a time I see people neglecting their back line until they have 3-4 spots available in the later levels. I whole heartedly disagree. This fight is a perfect example. Without Fext and Clutch in the back line for me I would’ve lost. Another important part of adding these mechs is looking at what mech and what equipment you can use ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling for equipment or weapons afterwards. I won’t lie, there are times they don’t get a shot off, especially if you lose by an entire line. However, more times than not they come in handy during events like Clan Wars or KOTM. This particular fight was just someone attacking from above. I had no HG, I’m unaware if he had any or not. (I took a week off due to pneumonia.) My message here is simply don’t be lazy, utilize every advantage you can.

Some additional tip’s: if you’re short a nice mech and equipment; you can use a recently retired mech and if you have some crit weapons/equipment you can throw them on. If not you can also turn the mecha into a speed/precision x2x3 suicidal juggernaught. With proper equipment and weapons you can still add to your chances. These are just ideas to get your noggin’ cranking. It doesn’t have to be concrete, have fun with it and test it out. See what works best for you.

These are things that help you gain an edge over closely comparable opponents. Take advantage of it, for your sake and your clans sake. Who knows what victory could come from it. I hope this weeks episode wasn’t too brief as I’m still recovering. I hope to see you all on the battlefield sometime soon.

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