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Refractive Nullifier Equipment Review by David McCallum #701548

Hi folks, long time no write.

However since Captain Helmet Head had decided to take some Holidays and he had made the fatal mistake of leaving me in charge, I guessed it was probably time for me to get back in the saddle and do some work.

Which of course I promptly procrastinated on for another fortnight.

It’s been a funny old time since I last put fingers to keyboard.

We’ve had a birthday celebration while we had a Faction War and everything sort of changed for a little while.

I might get around to my experiences in the Faction War at some stage but suffice to say that I came out with a nice little bit of swag and while the mechs and weapons were good, the one thing that stood out front and center in the goodie bag was a lovely little shield piece.

You know me, love a shield…

I’m talking of course about that gorgeous piece of scrumptiousness called the Refractive Nullifier.

Not available on the open market, it’s a war prize shield like the Saturn and Jupiter before it. Anyone who managed to get their requisite numbers of kills during the Faction Wars would have found one in their haul, and so far 9it is the only time they have been released.

Let’s have a look at the stats.

Capable of being fitted to mechs between 70 and 90 tons it comes with a Laser mitigation of 51%, a flat Ice Shield factor of 40 and a straight Shield factor of 50. it’s also one of the new ‘smooth shield’ varieties so has a handy little speed bump of +2.

Now with that weight range it’s straddling the frankly anemic Gamma grade Shields and the Delta class ones.

The first thing that jumps out is the fact that there are no penalties to the shield whatsoever. It’s also one of the multiple defense type shields which traditionally give flexibility in the type of damage that they can stop at the expense of giving slightly weaker protection in all categories. But to be honest, it’s such a good little unit that the best comparison is going to be to take its primary stat (the Laser mitigation) and compare that with its Delta and Gamma counterparts.

Down at the lower end, a Gamma Shield has a 38% primary mitigation at 10% vulnerability and a really weak flat shield protection of 16. Now even though I’m a bona-fide shield lover, the Gamma class Shields really only ever looked attractive after you’d had 10 pints, and getting towards the piloting level I’m at now, it’s really at the stage where they give the same amount of protection as a damp kebab at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Delta Shields are far better; still only 38% mitigation against the primary protection method, the vulnerability drops to 9% but we also have a reasonably decent shield factor of 29.

Now compare that to the Reactive Nullifier.

Primary mitigation is over 10% higher.

As I’ve already stated before, no vulnerability whatsoever.

And look at that shield rating! FIFTY!!

You don’t get anything like that until you start getting up into the really big mechs! Fit one of these to a Cruiser and you’re turning it into a Pocket Battleship!

In fact a quick check of the catalogs shows that you don’t get shielding this good until you are up around the Zeta grade mark. So you have 105 ton mech grade shield that can fit onto a 70 ton Cruiser mech.


I just wish that I could get more of these. Saying that however, if it were available on the open market the rest of you would be able to field them as well and to be perfectly honest I prefer not to come up against those kind of defenses.

Of course the true mark of any piece of equipment is if you can glance at it and say, “Yes, I have a spot picked out for that already… I know exactly where I’m going to put you…”

In most people’s cases you’re still going to be fielding at least some 90 ton Mechs in your main line and this is going to be a decent upgrade to any one of them. Of course main line Mechs aren’t where I make my trade and since this shield can fit on any of the heavier cruiser Mechs, the first thing that screamed at me was the fact that it was going to be applicable for my specialist formation. I’ve a Spitfire already getting stripped down to have this mounted onto…

Anyway, must dash; loads of other things to be getting on with…

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